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  • Hi,
    I am badly wondering how anybody could use this plugin to its extents without a clear documentation.
    Is anybody out there who know a place where to find it?
    tutorial, documentation, CLEAR help page for tdo mini-forms ??

    The forum for tdo mini-forms thouroughly is not very tidy and most of the time people are talking about hardcore coding hacks, and nothing related to the simple steps involved in using the so- called macros or how to set key:value and stuff.

    Help needed.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Anybody?
    I dont know how and where to use the macros and dont understand the simple actions to take with the values.
    Please, for advanced users this should be som eeasy lines for explaining.


    Yeah, don’t bother man.

    Note that this plugin is no longer being supported or developed by the author and doesn’t work properly with anything above WP 3.0.5. See here for more info!

    The TDO learning curve was quite steep (believe me I’ve been there!) and often things still didn’t work quite as expected.

    Save your time/energy and go for a product that is current and supported. I use Gravity Forms for most of my development and to be honest there’s not a lot of other similar products out on the market at the moment.

    I haven’t dug into how this plugin works yet but, on behalf of its developer (whom I do not know) I would like to say that I have it operating on the latest release of WordPress. To say that it doesn’t work above WP 3.0.5 is not accurate.

    I read the post you linked to. I feel this developer’s pain. All of the software developers who contribute time and energy to pet projects and offer them to us FOR FREE ought to be congratulated.

    I’ve worked with Gravity forms too. While it is elegant software and quite intuitive, I didn’t find their support process to be very responsive either.

    I’m not necessarily here to rant. I just wanted to set the record straight that the plugin does work and for someone who has knowledge of WordPress internals (as I do), I don’t feel the learning curve will be that steep and I can see it will save me tons of time.

    Thanks for listening.

    This article was also written by the plugin author himself!!

    By the way, I said TDO Mini Forms didn’t work properly from 3.1 onwards. And with the documentation having always been patchy and what with the plugin now not even being actively developed or supported, I’m afraid I stand by my assertion.

    I’m not bashing any developer (really, I’m not!), but congratulations can only go so far when you’re up against it with your own clients, trying to work with a plugin that is simply no longer reliable.

    But this comes with experience.

    I just turned my head to formidablepro. Great plugin, easy and modern to use, delivers all the things I need… and has a nice developer in person, who really likes supporting.

    The thing with TDO was, that there is nothing really functioning which could explain what to do. The forum not, no PDF, no help inside the plugin. Too much guessing.
    That could have been managed easily during the period it was supported and developed actively.
    I just think of a person on odesk or fiverr writing a documentation for ten dollars.

    I really didn’t mean to perturb either of you by writing what I wrote on behalf of the plugin developer. I read his post and my heart went out to him. At one time, this plugin was his pet project and he apparently took a few hits from its users and decided to abandon it.

    Those of us who write code for others know that it can be hard to satisfy everyone and, in his case, he wasn’t being compensated for the time he invested.

    True. Documentation is lacking but the framework is there and following his work will save me days of coding. I’m seeing the plugin working just fine on version 3.1.2 and I know enough about WordPress development to sort out what is needed to make the code work for the purpose at hand.

    I am working on a client project. I understand the software has to be both reliable and work with future upgrades. I’ve been doing this for years now.

    Once again, didn’t mean to ruffle anyone’s feathers here. I need all of you on my side when I’m looking for ideas. Thanks again for your feedback. 🙂

    Do either Formidable or Gravity allow for front end forms that create draft posts? And to the person who has TDO running on the latest version of WP, did you have to update the plugin (and if so, what did you need to change)?


    I didn’t have to change any plugin code to see TDO mini forms working on the latest version of wordpress. So far as my research has gone, I’ve found NO other plugin that will post drafts to your database without having an ID on that site.

    Is TDO mini forms easy to understand? I guess it is, once you take time to review all of the admin functions. At this point, I am diving into my form hacks to see how to implement custom fields in the post display.

    I guess the fact that it worked upon installation with the latest version of WordPress was what brought me into this thread to begin with…

    Let me know if you want to communicate with me directly. We’ll figure out a way.

    Formidablepro does allow You to publish or draft posts, either by registered or unregsitered users.
    It is using a lot of useful things and has a great flexibility offering a lot of them based on wordpress codex.
    I think gravity is equally well designed, but lots more expensive.
    Formidablepro has a great helpful support.

    @marjwyatt unless someone is imitating you on Facebook, I just added you there 🙂

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