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  • I have just upgraded tdo mini forms to 0.13.6
    I have now noticed that a page i used for posting a new review is not working.
    can be seen at
    click on tab – post review – under banner
    i now get an error :-

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function tdomf_random_string() in /home/sites/ on line 1092

    any idea what this could be?
    I am a complete wally at php, html and all that stuff so please make any info simple (very)

    Thanks in advance

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  • You’re not the only one:

    You can fix this quite simply by changing the general options and using the Form Session Management, change it from ‘Use TDO-Mini-Forms internal Method’ to ‘Use WordPress nonce Method’.

    I also have the same problem.

    Any ideas how to do it via the file manager of my server account?

    I am doing the following step by step

    In my case it shows that Fatal error: Call to undefined function tdomf_random_string() in /home/michae84/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tdo-mini-forms/include/tdomf-db.php on line 297

    I go to the tdomf-db.php I found the line 297 which is
    #$session_key = tdomf_random_string(15);
    and here there is a mistake I suppose? How do I have to change it?

    Any possible downgrade?

    I’ve already fixed it for the next version. I would recommend not commenting it out as you then lose some protection against spammers.

    Does changing the form management not fix it as I suggested above?

    I’ve just released 0.13.7 to fix this. Sorry about this, it didn’t show up in my local test server.

    I’ve upgraded to 0.13.7 but now I’m getting blank pages when I push SEND on a new form’s entry. Also AJAX is throwing errors when it’s enabled: TDOMF: ERROR with AJAX request.

    Also, no matter what category I pick, I also get the default category. So, if I pick Blogs, I get Blogs, Plus Size 411.


    Thanks TDO
    Upgraded to 0.13.7 and everything back to normal.
    P.S. Is there anywhere i can download ready made forms for mini forms and being the idiot that i am i havent yet mastered the form creator (I know it sounds stupid but for some reason i just cant figure it out).
    Thanks again for fixing the bug.

    @caseyfern I had some difficulty committing 0.13.7 and even when I auto-upgraded on my own site, I had problems. What I did to get around it was, delete tdo-mini-forms from my server, download manually and then upload it over FTP. A few people reported that doing this solved their issues.

    however I’m not sure it’s the same issue for you. Check your hosts’ error log to see if there is any specific errors. If you try the non-AJAX does it work?

    As for the category thing, do you mean that when you use a Category widget it adds that setting plus the default category setting? There is an option in the category widget to overwrite the current settings. If this isn’t checked the widget will append the selected category to the list of categories currently on the page.

    Thanks, @the_dead_one – the overwrite helped the category problem.

    The non-Ajax version yielded only a blank page.

    The system is working now. To quote verbatim:

    There was an issue with include/tdomf-notify.php, calling functions from files in admin/ without including those files or anything.

    To fix it, I simply created a new file, “fixes.php”, and included it at the top of tdomf-notify.php.
    The content of fixes.php is thus:

    This way seemed the most future-proof ‘hack’ since if the problem returns in an upgrade I can just reinclude the file.

    include_once "admin/tdomf-edit-post-panel.php";
    include_once "admin/tdomf-moderation.php";

    My heartfelt thanks to Davis Bynum for yet another save.

    This is on 0.13.7 running on WP 2.9 – resolving this also opened the blockage that was preventing moderation emails from being sent.



    Hey all,

    I just installed WordPress 3.0 and TDO mini forms 0.13.9. When I try to activate the plugin, I get a blank screen and can’t access my admin area at all. So I have to delete the plugin from teh FTP.

    Any thoughts?

    I changed the permissions to 777. I tried to install 0.13.8 and had the same issue. Also tried to install wordpress 3.1, no luck.
    Oddly enough, running wordpress 2.8.6 with 0.13.6 worked beautifully, but I need too many features and plugins for wordpress 3.0 to downgrade.

    Any help appreciated. Cheers!

    TDO Mini Forms lacks documentaion on many things, and especially troubleshooting because it is a very troublesome plugin. 404 erros for example. Still trying to fix those. I can create form, but it doesn’t load the image uploader, the Captcha image, and you can’t submit a form. The 404 error messages appear when configuring, too.

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