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  • Hi
    I’m trying to create multiple form fields adding values to the same custom field. To be more clear, I’m using a custom field with html tags, but can’t expect from my visitors to have knowledge of html. Therefor I want to use multiple form fields for the same custom field, and echo the html tags myself. Is this possible in any way, and how can I accomplish that?
    so lets say the needed value for example is:
    Main Street < br >New York< a h r e f = ” america.php”>america< / a >
    and I want to accomplish that with the next form fields:


    Thanks in advance

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  • fixed


    would you be able to outline how you did that?

    Thank You,

    This is exactly what I wanted to know also, and am about to ask the question myself.

    If anyone knows the answer ?

    he fixed.
    Wonderful.. for him/her.

    I also want to connect a form entry by a visitor to fit into a custom field. Because I would like to make every entry in the form of TDO, which shows up in a posting later, be searchable by a search form I need to create.

    Let say:
    TDO Form has a drop down to choose from:
    under 3 years
    more than 3 years

    The output will be, what has been chosen, when filling out the form by the visitor:
    under 3 years.

    Now I need a search form (will accomplish with another plugin) which can search in every submission with “under 3 years”

    Is that possible only with plugins?
    I mainly want to avoid any coding.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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