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[Plugin: TBTestimonials] Any way to allow users to input one?

  • Hi,

    I love the custom style sheets in this plugin.

    How would you go about setting up a page to allow anonymous users to give you testimonials that can then be moderated and approved and published? It would be great to give this functionality and take some of the work away from site admins in inserting testimonials.

    Any info would be great


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  • Plugin Author Travis Ballard


    here’s a little example page template I put together that will let users add a new testimonial as a draft. To make it a little prettier, you could move the add_testimonial_from_form() function to your functions.php

        function add_testimonial_from_form( $post_array )
            $required_fields = array( 'name', 'email', 'testimonial' );
            foreach( $required_fields as $field_name ){
                if( ! array_key_exists( $field_name, $post_array ) || empty( $post_array[ $field_name ] ) )
                    return new wp_error( $field_name, 'Required field is missing.' );
            # check email
            if( ! filter_var( $post_array['email'], FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL ) )
                return new wp_error( 'email', 'Email is invalid.' );
            # check url if it's set, it's not required
            if( isset( $post_array['url'] ) && ! empty( $post_array['url'] ) ){
                if( ! filter_var( $post_array['url'], FILTER_VALIDATE_URL ) )
                    return new wp_error( 'URL', 'URL is invalid.' );
                    $url = $post_array['url'];
                $url = false;
            $new_post = array();
            $new_post['post_title'] = esc_attr( $post_array['name'] );
            $new_post['post_content'] = esc_attr( $post_array['testimonial'] );
            $new_post['post_status'] = 'draft';
            $new_post['post_type'] = 'testimonial';
            if( ! is_wp_error( $new_post_id = wp_insert_post( $new_post ) ) )
                # insert meta
                ## email
                add_post_meta( $new_post_id, 'tbtestimonial_company_email', $post_array['email'] );
                ## company
                if( isset( $post_array['company'] ) && ! empty( $post_array['company'] ) )
                    add_post_meta( $new_post_id, 'tbtestimonial_company', esc_attr( $post_array['company'] ) );
                ## url
                if( $url ) add_post_meta( $new_post_id, 'tbtestimonial_company_url', $url );
                # show user notice
                printf( '<div class="updated">Testimonial Added and is awaiting review</div>' );
        # template name: add testimonial
        # check for new testimonail and add it if present.
        if( isset( $_POST['new_testimonial'] ) && is_array( $_POST['new_testimonial'] ) && count( $_POST['new_testimonial'] ) > 0 ){
            if( is_wp_error( $error = add_testimonial_from_form( $_POST['new_testimonial'] ) ) )
                printf( '<pre class="debug">%s</pre>', print_r( $error, 1 ) ); # dump error message
        <section id="content-wrap">
            <form action="" method="post">
                    <label for="author-name">Your Name</label>
                    <input name="new_testimonial[name]" id="author-name" size="40">
                    <label for="author-email">Email Address</label>
                    <input name="new_testimonial[email]" id="author-email" size="40">
                    <label for="author-company">Company</label>
                    <input name="new_testimonial[company]" id="author-company" size="40">
                    <label for="author-url">Website URL</label>
                    <input name="new_testimonial[url]" id="author-url" size="40">
                    <label for="author-testimonial">Testimonial</label>
                    <textarea name="new_testimonial[testimonial]" id="author-testimonial" cols="100" rows="5"></textarea>
                    <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
    <?php get_footer();
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