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  • Hello,

    Your plugin is great, just what I was looking for ! So thanks a lot.
    There is always a but 🙂
    Is it possible to make it works with pretty permalinks activated ?
    Whatever type I chose I always get a “Nothing found” page 🙁
    I guess that the query ?my_taxonomy=xxxx in the URI isn’t working with urlrewriting enabled. Is there a way to have the both working together ?
    Thats would be great.

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  • Plugin Author KatePhiz


    Taxonomy Picker builds a standard WordPress URL for the query which then is left to WP to handle. Pretty permalinks breaks that.

    It works for me with pretty perms on or off, on wp 3.1.3 (localhost) it’s just that it gives me this seemingly weird url in both cases: ?tax1=xxx&tax2=yyy&kandie_tpicker=tax1!eq!xxx!and!tax2!eq!yyy
    where terms and values chosen show up twice and obviously the pretty perm format is not applied when on.

    The query works perfectly with just the first part by the way ?tax1=xxx&tax2=yyy, the second part seems redundant.

    By the way Kate I like this plugin a lot, I’m patiently waiting for custom post types support.
    Is there any possibility in the future to have some sort of live filtering (ajax?), where if one chooses a value from taxonomy_1, then the available values for taxonomy_2 get automatically limited/removed to just the ones matching the previous conditions?

    And perhaps feature a number on the top of the widget that gets updated (reduced) each step of the way stating that XX number of items found.

    Plugin Author KatePhiz


    The second part is needed for remembering queries if that is turned on. The first part of the query cannot be used as it goes through the rewrite rules process so /?tax1=xxx tends to become /tax1/xxx So the only way to preserve the query (without using sessions or cookies) is the extra part in the URL. Since cookies in the UK (indeed Europe) can no longer be used without upfront permission, I don’t want to use cookies and sessions are notoriously difficult in WP (and possibly not entirely reliable). So it may look redundant, but for now it is the best way I have found of doing it. If your turn “Remember query” off, the second part goes away.

    I am wanting drill down for my site so that’s towards the front of the development list. I suspect I may try (and offer) various alternatives. I don’t think the first will offer dynamic counting.

    Custom post types? Like authors, something that would be nice to have but really I need to re-write the widget display as a class before it makes sense looking at those. I re-structured the code somewhat in v1.8, and rather more in v.1.9. It may soon transfer across to a class without too much trouble. At that point, I can start adding on things like custom post types.

    Plugin Author KatePhiz


    PS This isn’t the best place for support queries – the plugin home site is where I monitor comments.

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