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  • I noticed that after upgrading to rc3 that I no longer have the images in the taxonomy edit screen. Basically it’s acting like the plugin does not exist.

    So I rolled back a few levels to pre-rc3 and the image input boxes are still not present.

    I have checked all server logs, and there are no errors for this. I have also deactivated and reactivated a few times, but no change.

    Kind of a strange issue, but figured I would report it just in case others run into this soon. If I figure it out, I’ll post fix here.

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  • Looking into this now, it’s most likely a change to the names of a few hooks. No need to worry- should be an easy fix + all of your image associations are safe.

    Quick question: is the plugin still functioning on the front-end?

    Yes it functions on the front end just perfect.

    This ticket will help explain some of it.

    is_taxonomy() has been depreciated for taxonomy_exists. I did make that change, but there must be more to it that I am missing. Or something is just plain screwey with my system. I can 100% confirm though, that there are no php errors or warnings in the logs.

    I was able to fix the main issue which was a change in the names of the filters that core provides us to hook into the term rows and header for the terms.

    I’ve also added use of taxonomy_exists() instead of is_taxonomy(). Thanks for the tip!

    The next release will be 0.4.3 and should be up in an hour or two.

    Thank you

    Where did you find the documentation about the changes in the filter names for term rows and headers?

    I’m curious to read about what all changed, and if there are other changes made that I need to address.

    There isn’t any documentation. You need to read the code 😉

    By any chance, are you able to upload the new vs?

    Sorry, got side-tracked with PayPal IPN stuff…. I still have to re-figure the support for 2.9.2 before I upload it.. might be tomorrow.

    Here’s a link to the code for taxonomy-images.php if you’re in a hurry 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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