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  • I installed Taxonomy Images, left it inactive, visited my Admin Plugins page, and saw that the table is now about 70 screens wide (yes!), and all the usual text for each plugin is crammed in the far right-hand couple inches. I have 184 installed plugins, on my WAMP server.

    All except for Taxonomy Images. The entire 70-screen width is filled with grossly over-size text … and then some of the usual info is also crammed into the final couple inches.

    Something is drastically wrong with the information being displayed for TI, in the Plugin table.

    I will have to promptly remove this plugin, so I can use the Admin table … but I an very interested to explore taxonomy options for images. Sounds like a high-priority code, for myself.

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  • Plugin Contributor Michael Fields



    Wow! I have never really heard of this happening before with any plugin. Sorry but I have not been able to reproduce this bug. Have you tried installing it on a blog with fewer plugins? If so does the same thing happen?

    Thanks for responding, Michael!

    After removing TI-b, I found that another couple plugins were also showing a lesser version of over-width behavior. Unfortunately, I did not think in time to shut down the Admin Plugin page, restart/build it and give it a chance to heal. (Since obviously the HTML table was by then broken.)

    I look at the Plugins Table ‘pretty often’. I don’t even try to have more than 2-3 dozen plugins activated at once, so I go into the Table to turn them off/on, and to generally review what I’m doing.

    Oh. That’s right. At least one of the other over-width plugins was another of yours. Possibly both. I had gone on a ‘taxonomy plugin’ search & acquire mission … and your collection figured prominently. Will note the others I removed.

    I will back out of my present activities and try Taxonomy Images again.

    I don’t have a different blog … but I should be able to have all that I want, on local WAMP, huh? Let me try with the other now 181 plugins first, see what we get.

    Plugin Contributor Michael Fields



    I could be that I am doing something wrong in the readme.txt file. I will compare the one in TIb to akismet and see if there is something I am doing wrong. Please let me know which of my other plugins are causing this error and I can look at those as well. I have many of my plugins installed on many of my own sites and have never encountered this issue. I will try to help if possible.

    Everything looks good; normal.

    I shut everything down, rebooted, started the local WAMP server, logged into the blog, and opened Admin Plugins; normal. Returned to Dashboard.

    Moved Taxonomy Images back into Plugins directory, opened Admin Plugins; normal. Returned to Dashboard.

    Moved Taxonomy Terms List back to Plugins, opened Plugins table; normal. Returned to Dashboard.

    Moved Advance Categorizer back to Plugins, opened Table; normal.

    Those are the other 2 plugins I removed after TI-b, to get the broken Table to render normal (which it did, without a re-start).

    I should have taken those steps before cluttering the Forum, and giving you gray hairs. My apologies!

    Thanks for the very interesting set of Taxonomy Plugins, Michael! I will return to studying & comparing … and make a better effort to uphold my side of the bargain, heretofore! 🙂

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