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  • I’m trying to work out how to create a custom page with my taxonomy images and titles.

    I have created a custom page template but I am not sure where to start with the php code.

    Rather than using the shortcode I would like to be able to loop through each taxonomy’s image, title and URL so that I can add my own css.

    Any leads?

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  • Plugin Contributor Michael Fields



    I’m currently working on a complete rewrite of the plugin and I plan to have better front-end support. For the time being, the shortcode is the only supported method of displaying the images within a post or a page.

    Will keep my ears peeled.

    Plugin Contributor Michael Fields



    No worries 🙂 Feel free to send me info on what you are doing with the plugin. The reason for the current lack of front-end support is mainly due to me building what I needed into the plugin. It’s hard for me to know what others may want to do with it. Here’s what I have on the table for the next release, if there’s anything that you would suggest, I’ll would love to hear about it:

    • New shortcode which produces an unordered list of terms in a given taxonomy. Use can specify size of image, taxonomy and context. Context can be either ‘post’ (get all terms w/ images that are associated with the current $post object) or ‘global’ get all terms of a given taxonomy that have an associated image and at least one associated post.

      I’m thinking about adding a filter on the li which would enable users to directly control the structure of these elements.

      I can also create a custom action for this function intended for use in single template files which would allow the displaying of images outside the_content.

    • Template tag for displaying a single image in archive view if it exists. This would be an action that would degrade seamlessly if the plugin was uninstalled.
    • I’m also thinking about extending my Taxonomy Widget plugin to recognize this plugin which would enable the display of images inside a widgetized area.

    Am I missing anything that you believe to be beneficial? Do you have any other suggestions?

    I saw a request in another forum to use this plugin in order to create mini-icons next to the wp navigation elements.

    I know it is possible in the plugins current state, but explaining how to do this to the user is rather difficult as it is.

    +1 on combining with the taxonomy widget

    Plugin Contributor Michael Fields



    Interesting. Did they want to put an icon right next to each navigation list, or next to each list item?

    Actually, I would love to see the thread if it is public. It would be nice to understand how this works 🙂

    Will definitely be adding something to the taxonomy widget to support this plugin. I think I’ll just append a couple templates to the list if Taxonomy Images is installed. I don’t really want them to overlap – just play nicely together.

    An option to not have the text with the image would be great.
    And the ability to edit the before, in-between and after html.

    Thread is in private woo forums.

    Idea was simple, put an icon next to each item within the wp navigation, so each category/page could have its own image thumb.

    Example: (navigation)
    Top level -computers (icon)

    sub levels —apple (icon)
    —windows (icon)

    The same would go for using your widget like you said, where the term image could be placed next to the term name in the sidebar dynamically.

    How’s it coming along Michael? The plugin would be a nice Christmas present.. Haha!

    Plugin Contributor Michael Fields



    Haha! Indeed! Actually, I’m just about done with the next version. Everything on my checklist has been checked and I just need to post a release candidate and hopefully a few people from the WordPress community will look it over for flaws.

    ooh! great. thanks 🙂

    Excellent plugin but there is one request which I do have which (for my needs would make it perfect)

    I would like to have the ability to display only taxonomies and images based on the active page or post.

    for example If i create a page which as X amount of associated taxonomies.
    I would like to use your excellent plugin to then display a list of the taxonomies and their associated images.

    (i.e creating a page based on a movie with a taxonomy called actor and using your plugin i have images against each actor)

    is this at all possible in anyway?


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