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  • Plugin Author scribu


    Please paste an exact query, since artist=Chet+Baker would look for a post that has both the terms Chet and Baker.

    A correct query would be artist=chet-baker.

    Oh, that was your example 🙂

    I mean 1.3 let me do ?genre=rock&artist=beatles (as a URL link), but it seems like 1.4 doesn’t. (is this now supposed to be in the core?)

    Plugin Author scribu


    Yes, WP Core is supposed to handle that now. What happens instead? 404 or…?

    PS: You are running WP 3.1, right?

    (updated the example)

    Yes WP3.1

    Without v1.3, or with v1.4, my second parameter gets ignored.

    I’ve got the same problem, the first terms drills down nicely and limits the choices of the second term, but the second term just gets ignored.

    Example @

    Any advice on this scribu? Do I need to stay with v1.3 for this functionality? Not working in the core or do I need to enable it or modify my query somehow?

    Plugin Author scribu


    For me, version 1.4 is working just fine with multiple taxonomies selected.

    To clarify: the URLs generated by the widget are correct, right?

    Try switching to the twentyten theme.

    Then, try disabling other plugins.

    I’m having the same problem. Selecting multiple taxonomies but it’s only registering the second selection. The URLs aren’t generating correctly. It’s only creating the URL based on the last selection.

    Similar story for me, but switching to TwentyTen DOES fix the problem:

    Narrowing this down!

    In going from v1.3 to v1.4 my template hierarchy has gone from:
    taxonomy.php -> archive.php -> index.php
    taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php -> taxonomy.php -> archive.php -> index.php

    which is why I’m only seeing results for one of my taxonomies.

    Any ideas why this might be? And why only one taxonomy (the first registered?) and not the other?

    – v1.3 used scribu-code for multitax queries, so the hierarchy was:
    taxonomy.php -> archive.php -> index.php

    – v1.4 relies on core code, so the full taxonomy hierarchy is used:
    taxonomy-{first-registered-taxonomy}.php -> taxonomy.php -> archive.php -> index.php

    Scribu can you confirm this?

    Plugin Author scribu


    Yes, the first one is actually taxonomy-{taxonomy}-{term}.php, then taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php.

    A multiple-taxonomy.php file would certainly be useful, but the problem is that when there’s actually a single taxonomy being queried, you can’t make a distinction.

    Unless… you could add an additional query arg:


    I assumed multiple taxonomies would use taxonomy.php, as there is nothing more specific for both query args, rather than picking one seemingly at random and using that.

    So are my only options:

    1. Have multitax code in all taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php files?
    2. Have all taxonomy code in taxonomy.php and don’t use taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php files.

    Or is there a better way?

    Plugin Author scribu


    You can use taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php files only for taxonomies that you don’t plan on using with QMT.

    The better way would be the mutiple-taxonomy.php template I mentioned.

    Plugin Author scribu


    Alternatively, you could manually load multiple-taxonomy.php from each of the taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php files that would be involved with the QMT widget.

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