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    I had a lot trouble with this plug-in. Firstly, it doesn’t allow you to set custom taxonomies as stated. Instead, it adds 3 taxonomy categories: Semester, Season & Course. The description says that it only adds the terms to URLs that use the taxonomies, but this is not true. It added, /no-course/no-semester/no-season/ to my URLs. If I tried to manually remove the words from a post’s URL via my browser, it couldn’t resolve any of the URLs for blog posts. If I tried deleting the terms on the permalink page, it would re-appear after I saved and then tack on the terms to every single URL. Wanting to see how taxonomies worked with the menu, I added the terms to my site’s main menubar. When I realized this caused all my URLs to break, I deactivated the plug-in to then find my site full of errors on the front page. I couldn’t load any other pages. I suspected this was caused by the menu terms. When I went to check the menu’s config, I couldn’t get back to he “menu” option page in the admin. I had to redownload the plug-in and install it again to access the menu admin. Upon doing this, I had to remove the terms from the main menu. I then had to look for any posts that I may have linked to one of the taxonomy terms, and delete each one. Once all links to the terms were deleted, I was able to deactivate the plug-in without breaking my site. However, I still had to run the permalinks again to get the 3 terms out of each URL. The description says the taxonomy terms would be ignored if a post didn’t use any of them, but this is not true. It simply adds “no-” before each term in a post’s URL. There’s also no way to delete the terms from your permalink structure. It adds itself to whatever pattern you’ve defined, and simply refuses to delete from the url or stored permalink structure.

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  • The plugin does allow you to specify a custom taxonomy – it just doesn’t provide a user interface to do this for you. The method is described on the Installation tab of the documentation and involves changing part of the code.

    That being said the plugin then only functions as described for posts where you populate the relevant taxonomies – all others are broken, as are pages.

    This is extremely unfortunate as I need a category structure which WordPress doesn’t like (it insists on Category Slugs being unique, not taking into account the hierarchy).

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    >>> it adds 3 taxonomy categories
    While trying to create a new taxonomy, even keeping ‘rewrite’ option to true, I couldn’t use custom taxonomy in permalink structure. So some manual coding needed to executed for each taxonomy to make it work. This problem is now solved by looping though array of custom taxonomies. Now you can use any other plugin to create custom taxonomy.

    >>> It simply adds “no-” before each term
    When we do not give any category to post, by default, uncategorized is used. But when we have custom taxonomy (say subject) and we have not assigned any to the post, it must be replaced with some text, so I chose ‘no-subject’. You can manually change it to whatever you like.

    Removed Back-end settings
    I understand how painful it can be to edit plugin in backend, specially for non-programmers. So I have removed the unnecessary things and made the plugin more general. It do not need any manual settings and shall work smoothly.

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