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  • Thank you so much for this plugin!

    I’ve been struggling with a 6 year old boy who seems borderline ADHD and wetting himself frequently.

    This plugin is installed (and working) on a blog I setup to track occurrences of certain behavior and also used to track how I respond to certain behavior. I’m using it to track the “attending” method (in minutes) described in the book “Parenting the strong willed child”. Also tracking -tv minutes- .vs. -book pages read-, and -wet pants-, -wet bed-, -defiance/anger moments-.

    Until now, I’ve had no easy to track correlations between my consistency and the child’s response to it, or lack of it. The blog is un-published at the moment, but may be made public in the future.

    The plugin installed and worked out of the box as described. I hope to donate money to the plug-in author at some point. But alas, money is tight at this time.

    Thanks Again!

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