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  • Resolved Elfenwald



    tag support for pages is one of the most important features that vanilla WP is still missing. So BIG thanks for this plugin that brings this functionality to WP 3.x

    That said, I think I ran into an annoying bug:

    whenever I use “quickedit” in the post overview to change tags, categories, etc., all tags are gone from the tag field, and deleted from the post (in case I did not edit the tag field and save e.g. altered categories) or replaced by the ones I entered.

    Anyone else having this issue?
    Any ideas how to resolve it?

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  • Plugin Author Bernhard Riedl


    Hi Martin,

    No worries. – I’m glad that you like TagPages. – Btw. I would also like to see tags for pages integrated as a default option in WordPress but that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

    Anyway, I’ve tried to reproduce your error in WP 3.0.1 (e.g. changing the page-parent or template without changing the tags) but everything works fine for me. One question: you describe that the tags are gone if you save for example altered categories, though pages don’t have categories. Do you by any chance use a plugin which adds categories for pages?

    If not, maybe another plugin could be interfering with TagPages? To test that please deactivate all plugins besides of TagPages and try to reproduce the issue again.


    Berny, thanks for the quick reply & for trying to reproduce the problem.

    sorry, was not clear about that: I first noticed the problem when I edited some posts in quickedit mode, that’s why I mentioned categories. The problem of the tags vanishing in quickedit exists for both pages and posts.

    Will check if any of my other plugins interferes – problem occured shortly after I switched from the abandoned tags4pages to your plugin, not sure if I changed anything else. Will report back when I find the culprit and/or a solution.


    OK, update: the problem seems to be the “organize series” plugin in combination with yours.

    I tested TagPages on a different blog without the series plugin – works.
    Deactivated “organize series” in the “broken” blog – tags show up and are editable via quickedit as well.

    If other users experience the same: no problem in case you always use the full edit, the bug only is in the quickedit function, for whatever reason…

    Plugin Author Bernhard Riedl


    Hi Martin,

    Good you figured out the incompatibility.

    Maybe nerrad could have a look into things, there have probably been some changes with WordPress 3.0 and the new taxonomy-functions…


    Yup, Organize Series is probably the cause for the issues reported here. Within a couple weeks there will be a new release of Organize Series that will fix the issues. In the meantime if you want to continue using Organize Series along with TagPages just hold off on using the Quick Edit. Sorry for the delay in getting the new version out the door but life has kept me busy 🙂

    ah, overlooked the reply.
    Thanks Nerrad!

    Exactly that was my solution on the site where I just NEED to have Organize Series active. No quickedit, no problem. *lol*

    Nevertheless looking forward to your update! Take your time – I know “real life” can be a bitch 😉


    Nerrad, thanks for the update. Just installed the new version of the series plugin, and the problem with the tags in quickedit is GONE.

    so, off to write a new series… 😉
    thanks again & cheers

    Glad to hear that! Thanks for reporting back here 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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