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  • Unfortunately this plugin just doesn’t work. I asked on the author site, but had no response. In addition, the authors website seems to have gone …

    I can attest that the plugin does work as I use it on one of my sites. This isn’t a “drop in and get images instead of names” plugin, but simply a way to associate images with tags and then template tags to use in your themes. Put something like this in your theme to get all the images for the tags associated with an article: <?php foreach (get_the_tags() as $tag) echo get_tag_image($tag); ?>

    houseofstrauss: Unfortunately you visited my site during some downtime. I can’t see where you’ve left a comment on my website? Apologies if I appear to ignore you, that’s definitely not my intention.


    Chris Northwood

    Well, thanks Chris for your response. I will try this again, although I put quite a bit of testing before feedbacking here. I’ll post some details of if/how/ I get on.

    Ok, I can confirm that the plugin IS working on wpV 2.9.1 and will indicate that in the sidebar here.

    However, I have found one small problem. If tags are listed, but have no image associated with them, the tag is still printed as a clickable word. In other words it appears that every tag must have an image associated with it, to look right as a group of images. Is it possible to ONLY show tags that have images associated with them?

    If tag has image then get image,otherwise do nothing.

    Maybe I should do something like
    <?php echo get_tag_image($tag->tag1, tag2, tag32) ?>

    where tag1, tag2, tag32 is the name of the tags I want to show with images.
    But I think my syntax is wrong??
    Thanks, Chris, if you can explain this.

    Yes, you’re correct in that that syntax will not work. I’ve just pushed version 1.1 which now contains an option which should ignore tags without images (a very quick change, it’s not very well tested either, please let me know if you have any issues). It should be on the WordPress plugins site soon.

    With version 1.1, <?php foreach (get_the_tags() as $tag) echo get_tag_image($tag, false); ?> should do as you desire.


    Chris Northwood

    Thanks Chris for that 1.1 update. On my test site, I still get tags showing that don’t have images assigned. However, the admin page looks better now, it’s not scrolling so wide.

    I did a clean install of the plugin, cleaned cache, deleted all options in options tables. Used the following in the loop

    <?php foreach (get_the_tags() as $tag) echo get_tag_image($tag, false); ?>


    *facepalm* I’ve made a very obvious mistake. 1.2 is now working.

    Thanks Chris, I’ll grab the archive as soon as it updates here to 1.2 on wordpress

    Ok, that new version is installed, updated and working as expected. ie; only tags with images associated show in the template call. Images are also links to the tag page. Many thanks Chris!
    All the Stars for rating.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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