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    I love this plugin and I think it is going to help my users quite a bit. However, I am using a plugin to create custom write fields for all users, and these custom fields show up in every new tab.

    The plugin I am using is Advanced Custom Fields 3.1.7.

    Is there a way for Tabify Edit Screen to recognize custom fields and allow the user to assign them to tabs as well? Or at least to limit the custom fields to only one tab?

    I have not tested Tabify Edit Screen with alternative custom fields plugins like More Fields. I will try this some time this week and let you know if it behaves differently.

    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

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  • Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    Not sure what happens. There is a possibility to hook into a hook and do the stuff their. It is already implemented for the plugin: types.

    It is on my planning to make it workable with such kind of plugins that don’t call add_meta_box in their normally way.

    I do wonder you can see the metaboxes in the settings page.

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    I looked into the code and I see I have to write some own code for it. This plugin like types should register the meta boxes in another way.

    If you download the development version or implement this changeset ( ) you can let it work for now.

    I will report it as an issue to the developer of Advanced Custom Fields

    me too i’m interesting for compatibility with advanced custom field

    there are a bug with the ACF

    Bug with ACF compatibility :
    1. Display all group fields for each langages, WMPL compatibility, because actually it display all group fields in X exemples (depends of X langage activate)
    2. Display only group fields attached to custom post type, because actually it display all group fields in every custom post type.

    Have you resolve the bug ?

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    first thing is not me to fix it. Also that kind of structure is just wrong. Translating a metabox is fine but for every language a new one.

    Second thing is something I don’t know about. I need to look into that. I know ACF does really weird things and I was even thinking about to drop support

    Hello Marko,
    I hope you will keep ACF support and wish Eliott will help you to do so.
    ACF is very popular and useful. Your plugin seems to be very promising !
    The two would be so great for WP admins !
    This could be as a premium (read paid) extra to your plugin, no ?

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    I don’t do stuff so I can earn some money with it. I do stuff because I like them to do.

    To go to a point that my plugin will work well with ACF it just cost to much time and energy for something that can break so damn easily. That doesn’t make sense to me.

    I rather would see the other way around. That ACF is compatible with my plugin. I do stuff how WordPress does things so it would be more easily for ACF to fix it.

    Next month I will look into most of the issues with my plugin and solve them before going into the issues with other plugins

    good news 🙂
    I understand your problem Marko, if we can help you, we are open.

    I understand too Marko, that makes really sense.

    No, it make sense to at least try to be compatible with plugin that is used by milions…. ACF maybe don’t play by the WP rules but it is far more popular plugin and it can lift your plugin sky high if u can make it work together…

    Plugin Author Marko Heijnen


    I decided recently that at a certain point I will remove the compatible layer or at least disable by default. Plugins should do it correctly and it isn’t up to me. This will be noted on an update this month.

    And ACF I really don’t care about. I rather would suggest people to use Pods framework. That plugin already implement some changes to work nicely with my plugin.

    It’s not difficult to do things the right way and to use the right actions / filters in WordPress. After discovering the Pods 2.0 beta didn’t do it the right way, I updated the plugin code and now not only is it compatible with Tabify, but it’s compatible with many other plugins who would want to extend WordPress too. It shouldn’t be up to a single plugin author to make things compatible with their own plugin, it should be up to the authors of all plugins to do their best to make sure their plugin plays well with others.

    Tabify is invaluable, it should be installed on any site that has more than 1 custom meta box in my opinion. As for ACF, who said that it was used by millions of sites? I won’t name my sources, but there’s data to suggest it’s far far less than that.

    And ACF I really don’t care about.

    That is a vain view.. If someone does things differently it does not mean that you should say things like that. ACF is widely used and acknowledged. Why argue who do things right or wrong? You say that you wrote plugin because you like to do that, why dont then do something usefull for comunity and at least contact Eliot and try to understand how things work.

    As for ACF, who said that it was used by millions of sites? I won’t name my sources, but there’s data to suggest it’s far far less than that.

    That is figurative speech…

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