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    Hi MrBoehler2,
    I don’t really understand your question. Can you clarify what you mean by “tags”? Are you referring to the filtering tab or are you referring to the bbcode that is placed into a page/post/widget to show desired news feeds?

    Regarding filters:
    Currently, the filters for including and excluding feed items are based on the comma delimited list of words that are put into the filter boxes. Each comma separated word is treated as a separate filter. These filters shown in the syndicate-press admin page a global and are applied to all feeds that SP is managing. You can also add filters at the page/post/widget level by including them in the bbcode.

    Regarding the page/post/widget feed listing:
    To include one or more feeds into a page/post/widget, you put in a comma separated list of feednames or any unique keyword in the feed url.

    Since you like the plugin, please be sure to vote. 🙂

    Hey Henry,

    thanks for your quick answer.
    a tag is a keyword.
    I can put an WordPressarticle in a category and i can give some tags or keywords.
    My question refers to the filtering tab: do you use the keywords/tags i give to an article or do you use the all of the words of an article for filtering?

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    Ok, thanks. I understand now. Currently, the filters operate against the title and the article content of the feed item.

    Your idea is interesting. Are you thinking that the tags/categories assigned to a page might also be used as filter keywords to apply against the feeds that are on that page (as defined by the SP bbcodes on that page)

    I think that tags would be very usefull.
    My idea is, that other blogauthors can tag their articles with special tags, so that my blog fetches their articles cause of the tags.

    Thats way less obvious then using the words in the title.

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    The filtering works like this:

    Exclusive filters:
    If you have an article from a feed that contains the word ‘artichoke’ and you don’t like artichokes and don’t want any articles with the word ‘artichoke’ in them to be shown on your site, then you would add the word ‘artichoke’ to the exclusive filter keyword list. This would block any articles that have the word ‘artichoke’ in either the article title or the article text.

    Inclusive filters:
    If your site is all about beef and you only want to show articles that have the word ‘beef’ in them, then you would add the word ‘beef’ to your inclusive filter keyword list. This would block any articles that do not contain the word ‘beef’ in either the title or the article content.

    The only way that SP could key off of tags that a feed publisher has set on their post/page is IF the RSS/Atom/RDF/XML news feed contains the tags for the articles. I’ll research this a bit for a future feature.

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    Hi MrBoehler2,
    I think that I have found a way to do this for you. It is based on creating an RSS feed URL for a specific wordpress blog that includes tags for that blog.

    Here is a very good article on how to do this:

    Once you have created the RSS feed URL that pulls the correct articles from a blog based on the tags for that blog, you can then place the Feed URL into the Syndicate Press plugin and SP will treat it as a normal feed. 🙂

    Let me know how it works out for you.

    Have a great day!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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