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    So far you plugin is the closest I have found to do accomplishing what I need. I am trying to aggregate multiple RSS feeds and show them (titles/posts) on a WP Page, ideally in the order of most recent, independent of feed. Although I cant seem to get your plugin to sort only by date, things are looking pretty good except all the lin ks go straight to the RSS feeds of the blog, and not the blog article themselves? Is there any way to get the links to go to the blog posts and not the RSS of any given feed?


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  • Hi,
    thanks for trying out Syndicate Press. To answer some of your comments:

    – SP does not do any ordering of feed items. Rather, it takes the feed in the order presented by the RSS/News publisher (server) and presents the content in the same ordering. Items from a given feed will be presented on your WP page in the same order they are given in the RSS feed. Items from separate feeds are not mixed in together. Thus, if you hae 2 feeds (feed_1 & feed_2) in the bb-code tag on a page, you will have the items from feed_1 followed by the items from feed_2.

    – Regarding the links going to the RSS feed of the blog rather than the full article. SP uses the link that the RSS/News feed publisher specifies as being the link for a given item in the RSS/News feed. If a RSS/News publisher sets their links to point back to the feed article, then this is what you will see when you click the link that SP provides. If the RSS/News publisher sets the item link so that it points to a full article, then the user will be directed to the full article. If the RSS/News publisher sets their links to point to another RSS feed, then your viewers will simply be directed to that RSS feed.
    — Most WordPress blogs automatically set their default RSS feed links for their feed items to the Post that the item relates to. Other RSS/News publishers, such as Yahoo, have their RSS/News item links set to direct the viewer back to the main news article.
    — Typically, publishers will use RSS/News feeds to let their followers know about an article. The RSS/News feed item will usually contain an excerpt or abstract of the article and link back to the main article. Most publishers don’t want to publish the full article content in an RSS/News item because the reader would then have no reason to click the article link and view the publishers full site, where the publisher is likely to have advertising.

    I looked at the feed you are syndicating at The item URL for the first feed item is This is link that the server is providing. Examining the feed in Firefox and IE, it appears that you have put the COMMENT feed URL into Syndicate Press. Many blogs out there have different feed resources, some for articles and some for comments. You might check to see that you are pulling the right feed URL. If this is the feed URL that you intended to post, then that’s fine, but the URLs are the ones that the feed server is providing. SP is simply using the URLs provided by the feed server.

    If you would like to see some examples of feeds on my testing page where I am pulling feeds from LOTS of different sites and feed server types (blogs, news, WP, blogger, etc…), check out

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