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  • I’ve noticed when upgrading plugins that not all files are upgraded – verified by unzipping the file from the over it and doing an “svn diff”:

    Using the wordpress upgrade:

    [root@web1 plugins]# svn st
    M       woocommerce/woocommerce.php
    M       woocommerce/readme.txt

    After unzipping from the repository:

    root@web1 plugins]# svn st
    M       woocommerce/classes/gateways/paypal/class-wc-paypal.php
    M       woocommerce/woocommerce.php
    M       woocommerce/readme.txt

    This plugin is super useful for me as I use subversion to maintain a versioned backup of my site, so it would be great to sort this out. Thanks!

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  • Figured it out! Line 92 should be “false” to indicate that it is not the .svn directory, it is causing files from the .temp backup to overwrite files in subdirectories:

    Line 92:
    self::recurseSvnCopy($src . '/' . $file, $dst . '/' . $file, true);

    Should read:
    self::recurseSvnCopy($src . '/' . $file, $dst . '/' . $file, false);


    Strike that… you should pass the $in_svn variable so that it handles subdirectories of ./.svn properly:

    self::recurseSvnCopy($src . '/' . $file, $dst . '/' . $file, $in_svn);

    Also might be worth noting in the change log that anyone using this plugin should re-install wordpress (via the Updates panel) and any plugins (I have been manually downloading the zips and expanding them) once the SVN Auto Upgrade plugin is upgraded.

    Because the root files were upgraded successfully but non of the subdirectories it looks like everything was successful according to the version number (since this is in the root) but none of the subdirectory files were changed. This means that you will have files from a mix of different versions.

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