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  • I created a survey with a couple of questions just to verify that it was saving the results. Then I took the survey but the table is showing duplicate results. So after taking the survey once it showed two results (duplicate) after taking the survey for a 2nd time it showed 4 results (two sets of duplicates.

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  • I’m not sure why the form should be duplicating results. Unless for some reason the form is being submitted twice.
    I’ve tested on the current release with the default form and only get one entry per submission.

    What happens when you use the default form?

    With the current release, duplicates are permissible, but you can limit the form to be submitted by registered users and the results do contain the wordpress user id to allow you to see who has submitted more than once.

    If you test the plugin with the default form and find it is submitting more than once, please try it with all other plugins disabled. If it still happens let me know as much about you setup as possible.

    If the default plugin only submit once, please tell me as much about the form you created as possible.


    The default form produces the same results. Verified that the form is only being submitted one time. I really don’t have time to go through the disabling plug in routine. There’s another plug in I can use, but it doesn’t support surveys on pages, only posts and that is why I wanted to use yours and you’ve got great options for formatting questions.
    Now about the form I created. It’s a basic form that I added 1 question to with 5 options, just to test. Nothing fancy.

    Well interestingly enough after installing the other survey plug in it also duplicates answers in the database. This is very bizarre. I should mention that I’m in a multi-site environment and the site I’m using both plug ins on is the sub-domain. I can and will test by running the survey on the tld.

    The only work around I can see at this point is (using your plug in) would be to save the excel results in a Access D/B and then use the Access remove duplicates query.

    Currently our test environment is set to multi-site, and it didn;t seem to make a difference on this end.

    All I can think is that another plugin is preloading a page or something causing it to load the submitted page twice.

    Well go figure. I took the survey again this morning (didn’t delete any plug ins or anything) and all seems to worked this time. Also on another subject I didn’t see any allowance for email notification when a survey is completed. Am I missing something?

    There currently is no option for email notification, as the data is logged and this plugin is purely is about data collection not email.

    However, since we as trying to bring this and its sister plugins closer together some options from the contact form plugin will be enabled in later releases of this plugin.

    Depending on the complexity of what you want to do, you can achieve what you want by turning on the email option in the settings file.
    in version 1.7.1 you can find this /library/survey/view/default/settings.ini

    email = yes

    This should email the author of the post a breakdown of the replies. This of course will be turned off again should you upgrade.

    This is not fully supported in the survey plugin but it should work in a basic manner.

    Thanks for the reply.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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