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[Resolved] [Plugin: Supra CSV] Uploading Images

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  • Plugin Author Joseph Persie


    attachment is its own post type i will look into it further

    That’s fantastic thank you!

    HI, Do you have an update on this please?

    Plugin Author Joseph Persie


    an image is merely a post with a post_type of attachment. However the attachment must point to an image existing in the wp-content/uploads folder. This means that you must drop all of the images you want to import in the upload directory before you ingest the csv that points to them. Uploading a image though csv import is unrealistic due to the large file size of the image contents. You may be better off utilizing a mass uploader plugin.



    i would have thought that the best way to upload images is using your ftp client.

    My understanding is that trying to upload 200 megbytes of images (for example) would almost certainly exceed the max_file_upload_size limit on your web hosting account in php which on my server is only 8 megabytes (the php default i think is 2 megabytes). There is also another issue…the “max_memory_limit is usually rather low…i had to get my host to increase mine, which is now set at 128 (i have forgotten what the default was)

    The way around this problem is to FTP all images up to your site using ftp software like “File Zilla client”. That way, you are not using php for the upload.

    Come to think of it, im not sure that you can even use php to upload images anyway…doesn’t it only insert into the mysql database. Images are not stored in the database!

    Plugin Author Joseph Persie


    The problem with uploading images through filezilla is that you arent actually creating a post_type for each image. All images in wordpress are allocated as media via referencing a post of attachment. Secondly the wordpress convention stores images in the wp_content uploads folder and refers to them in the wp_posts table. PHP can upload images through the file system using fopen fwrite etc and mysql can store images in the database as a blob file.

    looking for a little clarification on this

    so i am uploading my custom post type ‘listings’.

    each listing has listing pictures in the media library the are ‘unattached’ to any post. (file-un-attach plugin)

    From what you have said above there is no way to link the listing to the pictures via this plugin?

    would i need to create a CSV with post_type_attachment for each media item and then somehow link them to the posts(listings)

    just trying to clarify how i can accomplish this and if it something this plugin can do even if its not what it was created for, thanks.

    Plugin Author Joseph Persie


    Eventually i will create this functionality within plugin. As of now there are several ways of going about doing this so far that the post_attachment of a post is the id of an existing post of type ‘attachment’

    Plugin Author Joseph Persie


    This functionality will be available in the next release of the premium version

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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