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    hi all
    a few months ago I started using a support ticket using the plugin, I searched the forums if there was an option for show tickets at the contact page and saw that there was no taking the decision to set myself the code.

    The following code can be inserted into a wordpress theme that allows sidebar and widgets.

    Paste this code into the sidebar.php file in your theme folder.

    <li id="meta" class="widget-container">
    				<h3 class="widget-title"><?php _e( 'Tickets', 'twentyten' ); ?></h3>
    					 <?php global $current_user;
    			// tickets php code
    			// the name of variables can be changed
    			$cedu = $current_user->ID ;
    		       //db connect
                           //there is a function called $wpdb but it dont
                           // for me		       $db=mysqli_connect('localhost','username','passworp','name_of_databse');
    		$consulta="select * from wp_suptic_tickets where user_id = '$cedu' ";
    		if( $num_res == 0 ){
    			echo " ";
    			for($i=0; $i<$num_res; $i++)
    			echo'<li> number of ticket: ';
    			echo' '.$fila['id'].'</li> ';
    			echo'<li> Subject: ';
    			echo'<a href="?page_id='.$fila['page_id'].'&ticket='.$fila['id'].'&accesskey='.$fila['access_key'].'">'.$fila['subject'].'</a></li>';
    		} //corchete de cierre del else
    		} //corchete de cierre del if 

    you can see that in this image:

    note: sorry for my english, i used a translator because i am from colombia and my native language is spanish.

    note2: im working to integrate it in the profile wordpress panel.
    if u have question feel free to write

    note3: if u want to donate to me, my paypal is:

    thanks, Santiago

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  • sorry… in the code please delete this part:
    // for me

    because this is a comment line and next to this comment is the database connect.

    hi & thanks
    this is not work for me in wordpress 3.2.1

    resolved last problem but
    dont work Subject Title) for persian language
    please See photo
    can you help me?

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