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  • Also for some reason when i go to create a new ticket the user data is wrong.

    I’ve made and closed a few tickets using one account. Then when i use another account (different name, email) and go to create a new ticket it’s using the name and email address from the first account.

    This is the same for all of my accounts apart from the admin account.

    Plugin Author zingiri


    Indeed, subscribers are not synchronised, only WP admins as osTicket admins and WP editors as osTicket staff. Sorry, I should have explained that.

    The PHP version message should read 5.3. Will fix this.

    For the upgrade message, go to the Integration page and click on Update.

    We’ll make sure to include fixes for these issues in version 1.2.5.

    Ok cool.

    The main issue i’m having at the moment is with the footer. It’s hiding all of my content.

    Instead of my page content i’m getting a message saying ‘WordPress and osTicket integration by Zingiri’. I’ve posted a picture to show it.

    Also another big issue is with the user data. If there is a ticket open by one user, any other user that goes to open a ticket, the name and email will be pre filled wrongly. It will be filled with the person that has an open ticket.

    For example, if user1 opens a ticket and then user2 goes to open a ticket. User2’s name and email will be filled with user1’s name and email.

    Plugin Author zingiri


    We just released version 1.2.5, that should fix the problem. It may take up to 12 hours before it’s available in your plugins list though.

    Thanks, i’ve just tested this and the problem with previous user logged in is still there.

    When a previous user logs out and a new user logs in it displays the previous users tickets, name and email.

    Plugin Author zingiri


    Could you open a support ticket on our portal, that’ll be easier:

    Just an update.

    They have told me they are working on the issue of the previous user’s data being shown when somebody else logs in.

    They have also told me they are working on fixing an issue with the staff panel not showing up for staff users.

    There should be an update very soon.

    What directory is the osticket installed in?

    What url can can the customer see the osticket ticket page? e.g.

    Also I have an existing osticket install, setup with users, staff, etc. Is there a way to use my current setup with this plugin?

    @corbula, can you please share the steps you took to install this plugin and share the url where your customer’s open/check tickets.

    I’ll really appreciate your response.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Plugin Author zingiri


    We can do integration with existing osticket installations. Best to contact us via our site.

    @zingiri I have installed and setup well the Support ticket center but i cannot add new staff i see the message “Please create new users via WordPress. Once created, you can add further details here.” nad even after i add new users i still see the same message.

    Please Assist me to solve that problem.

    Also is at possible to have recaptcha (by google)instead of the normal captcha by osticket.

    Thanks In Advance for all the help

    Plugin Author zingiri


    After you add WP users, try doing a sync from the integration page. That will copy the users to the tickets system and then you should be able to add additional info.

    Plugin Author zingiri


    And sorry, only the default captcha is available now.

Viewing 14 replies - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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