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  1. Mike Ems
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey WordPress,

    Is there any chance that the guys behind wordpress.org will ever allow for plugin developers to moderate their own support forum? I use my support forum extensively (mostly for search engine benefits) and there are some topics that get out of control and really need to be separated, cleaned up, etc.

    If anything, I hope you consider it. I think it would be very beneficial to plugin developers.


  2. The forum doesn't have that capability (hell, I can't even split topics).

    You can (should be able to) mark topics resolved, and if you need a mod to come over and close something, post that, flag the post 'modlook' and we'll come over. Don't abuse that though, it flags ALL of us and that's a lot of messages to sort through ;)

  3. Mike Ems
    Posted 4 years ago #

    If I can't moderate my forums, I may have to move them. I really like having them on the WordPress site, though.

    Do you guys not have the ability to build/install plugins for your forums to create that kind of functionality? Aren't you using a custom 1.x bbPress install? I'll build the plugin if you let me, haha.

  4. Hell, I'm a mod and I can't even separate a post!

    It's not possible in bbPress 1.x (or the 2.x plugin). Just what it is :/

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