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  • I like most of what SuperSlider-Show has to offer, but it is slowing my computer down.
    I had one window open with a slideshow on a live site that I can show my client, and I started having issues with moving the window over and changing to another window. I went away and came back and it was responsive enough to open my local test site with a slideshow so I could try a different setting. Once I did that, the response of my windows went way down. I had to close both of those so I could get this window to respond to type this in. Now that I closed those windows, my computer is back to normal response. (I’m on Windows XP using SeaMonkey latest with 35 medium-size images.)

    I had these slideshows set to default transition at 1000 and showing the slide for 5000.

    What I really wanted to ask about is the css files. I changed the global settings to a width of 650 and height 450, but the slideshow still comes up with width 400 and height 300 because it’s hardcoded into the css files. If I do nothing, the caption overlays the image. If I add css to change the size, the caption is hidden behind the image. I changed it so the caption is below the image, but can’t find any good colors for it that way. I wanted it to overlay.

    One other thing, I’m doing images from a folder and I set everything so it does not use thumbnails or resize the images, but whenever the caption appears the image changes as if there are two versions and one is darker than the other. I don’t think the caption overlay is doing it because that is blue and small, but the whole image changes to be darker.

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