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    Hi Tint Team

    I’m enjoying using your plugin, and if I may, here are a few suggestions for improvement.

    * I see that you regularly update & tweak the features & settings on your site ( ) which has a knock-on effect with the plugin. Whilst these are generally minor cosmetic improvements, it would be good if you can notify us, so we can check our live sites to ensure the displays are still showing OK. (A bonus would be a notification of a new theme, like the recent PIN !)

    * Further to the above, a recent update has changed the way the Classic theme displays – the first line of text now appears as a much larger font – I guess that is deliberate ? Now it may have sounded a good idea on paper, but it reality it looks rather ugly ! So can you turn it back the way it was, or give us an option to customise this ? The main problems are that it now takes up too much space, and the large words are just the first to appear, so it makes little sense as a heading.

    * The NEWS theme would be my preferred choice on one of my sites, but there is a display problem with it, at least for my feeds. On the ADMIN screen, the text becomes misplaced and seems to overlay the image by mistake. On my live site, sometimes it seemed to display OK, other times I would see this overlapping bug.

    Thanks for listening, and keep up the great work. 🙂

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  • Hi,

    Tim here from Tint and I can help answer your feedback/questions:

    1) You’re right about the new themes we have published and offered our users. It is our apologies that we did not let our users like yourself know about these new features. We didn’t think it warranted an email notification (mainly because we didn’t want to spam our users with new features every week we launch and then they would unsubscribe from us). But we will find a better balance for this– thank you for your feedback.

    2) So you’re right that we changed the classic theme. This was needed because our first version of it kept cutting off text and we only wanted to provide the best visual experience for our customers like yourself. The easiest way to resolve this right now is just to choose a separate theme if you don’t like this one– maybe the News theme as the closest resemblance.

    3) Glad you think the News theme is your preferred choice as it is ours as well for certain scenarios :). We noticed the issue you are mentioning, and have fixed those display bugs since. So if you choose the News theme now, you won’t experience those misplacements and overlapping.

    As always, please feel free to reach out for any other questions or feedback we can help answer. We take all your insights into consideration and put them down into our product roadmap :).


    Hi Tim

    Thanks for your detailed & thorough response – I don’t think I have much to add ! And yes – I noticed that the display problems with NEWS theme appear to be fixed – that’s great !

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