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  • Introduction

    I use ClipBucket because I run a video sharing portal.

    I had to use ClipBucket because I couldn’t find anything within WordPress which would allow me to do what I wanted to do which was a shame and a bit of a shock when you consider media is the future in a lot of ways.

    I really do miss the features and security of WordPress so I have a suggestion…

    The Idea

    My idea would be to take the best features of specialist scripts such as ClipBucket/ClipShare/PHPmotion etc and combine them with the awesome WordPress plugin PhotoQ (as an example) to create a super plugin for WordPress; hence VideoQ!

    If you don’t know what PhotoQ does it basically bulk uploads images and automatically creates posts with those images and then places them into a gallery for you.

    It’s very good because it saves a LOT of time.

    Suggested Features

    – Single/mass remote upload (transload) videos from a url

    – Single/mass import videos from a server folder (so you can ftp upload)

    – Automatically encode imported videos into 480p/720p/HTML5 streams using FFmpeg + libx264

    – Ability to mass edit title, description, tags etc while videos are being encoded

    – Automatically create posts with encoded videos and stream them via JW Player (SD+HD/HTML5 etc) with the option of new posts being drafts or published

    – Automatically create video and wordpress post thumbnails (big + small)

    – Compatibility to play on Facebook walls (or ability to disable)

    – Create embed code so videos can be shared

    – Create upload feature so visitors can also upload and share videos

    Bonus Features

    Social Moderation! Let users decide if a video should be published or not. All videos are placed into a bin and only “veterans” can vote on a video to decide if it can be published; a video needs a certain amount of votes to be published for example. Veterans would be users who have already had X amount of videos published.

    Social Voting! Similar to Reddit/Digg in that users can up/down vote published videos.

    These two features guarantee great content.


    I think whoever invents such a plugin would be famous in the WordPress community because right now people have to make do with buggy and unsecure scripts like the ones mentioned which are also very expensive.

    I know there are “mass grabbers” and such but I don’t want to rely on YouTube. I want my own site with my own videos self hosted. Downloading a video, encoding, and then uploading is not a good option as it takes too much time. With this plugin you can get videos onto your site quickly and easily.

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

    Any thoughts? 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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