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  • Hello,

    I’m new to WP. I was looking for some suggestions for a particular plugin(s) if anyone could please help.

    I’m looking for something that will allow me to create new user roles, and then also allow those roles to edit certain pages. For example, if I created an HR Role, then they could only edit HR pages, etc.

    I’ve tried the Members plugin but it seems all or nothing, as in a role can either see content or not. What I need is for everyone to be able to see the HR pages, but only the HR role can edit them. Thanks.

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  • In your ideal setup:

    1. Can HR people edit other people’s HR posts, or only their own?

    2. Can anyone else edit HR posts (e.g. an overall site admin), or are only HR staff allowed to?

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    Thanks for the response. HR and admins could do anything on the HR pages. They will just be static pages with information on them. All other users can view them, just not edit. Then another part of the site will be Finance, and we only want Finance people to be able to edit that, etc.

    We are moving over from DNN, and on there you could set each page’s permissions individually (like Anyone View, but only HR Edit, etc.) so I’m trying to find a similar plugin combo that will work.

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    Hmm, there’s a few ways this could be approached. I use User Role Editor for things like this (which allows you to define custom roles and capabilities) but I don’t think it will quite do exactly as you need. The built in capabilities include “edit own” and “edit anyone’s” for pages, but this doesn’t provide the separation between “types” of pages.

    One solution I would consider is using custom post types instead of pages, which would allow you to have custom capabilities for each one. But that may be overkill particularly if there is a plugin out there that allows you to do this at the page-level. I’ll come back if I think of anything else!

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

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