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    Hey folks,

    I just received a freelance job, the customer requirement included a feature that allow employees can create and upload their CV, apply for a job…

    That’s the feature, I have found WP Job Manager, but it’s like the FREE solution, so if I want to customize the upload CV form or something, I need to install a lot of plugins. That’s not good.

    So any suggestions from experts for the plugin name? I’m happy to pay for premium plugin that integrate everything and just use, no install other plugins

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  • Plugins help you extend WordPress otherwise a site would be really slow because they contain lots of unnecessary functionality.

    People often say that having lots of plugins is bad and this is generally true, however, if the plugins are well written and don’t do lots of external calls the speed should be fine.

    Have you tested the existing form solutions?

    @svetoslav Marinov

    I do think like you, but I can’t say this plugin or that plugin will be coded like a heaven, where you can read, clear comments or follow the requirements from WP.

    For your question, yes I’m testing a plugin which offers everything from creating frontend submission form to handle the payment such as pay per post, and subcription, etc…

    I think this plugin will be helpfull with the others somehow so I just put the name here in case of you will ask: [link to commercial plugin removed by moderator]

    Thank you,

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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