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[Resolved] Plugin Suddenly Doesn't Work

  • We’ve had this plugin on our website for awhile and suddenly it’s stopped working. You’d input a postcode and it would mark the postcode on the map but retrieve no results. I’ve been advised to go back a version and will be giving that a try but is there any way to go back a couple of versions without reinstalling the entire plugin. I’d really not like to delete all of my locations if possible and there’s no upload .csv option that I can see.

    Can anyone advise about this? We’ve not changed our plugins or done anything on our end that would suddenly cause the map to stop working, so I’m confused as to why all of a sudden it has not been working.

    Here is an example of the map below:

    Store Locator Testing


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    Deleting the plugin does NOT delete the location data, only the code.

    Delete the plugin, upload/install the prior version, and activate. The locations will be back online when the prior version is activated.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Does your theme or another plugin have Google Maps active? It appears that is the case based on the warnings being shown:

    Warning: you have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.

    So deleting the plugin from the FTP and then dragging and dropping a previous version shouldn’t delete any of the location data? Just want to confirm before I do that.

    We’ve got Simple Maps installed but we only installed this after the plugin stopped working to test it out. I can uninstall it to see if that changes anything, but the map hasn’t worked before we’ve installed any new maps plugins and before we switched to using BatchCode which we’re using right now.

    Which browser are you using? I’m not getting that error at all.

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    Yes – using FTP will not delete locations.

    I use Firefox + Firebug so I can see “under the covers” and track JavaScript bugs, performance, warnings, etc.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    @scratchmeals – I still see two map scripts on your site. Have you had a chance to update SLP and/or disable the others? If you can get it back to a non-conflicting map setup I may be able to see something with Firefox/Firebug.

    I’ve removed SimpleMaps and I deleted Store Locator and reinstalled version 3.6, two versions previous to the current one which should be the last one that was working. The current map on our Where to Buy Section is not a plugin, but an external link to BatchCode, so there shouldn’t be any issue with conflicting scripts.

    The map still doesn’t work: http://mealsfromscratch.co.uk/store-locator-testing/

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Ok – let me see if I can get some time to look at this in the next day or so. If it WAS working it still should be, but if you’ve seen any of the Theme Forest threads you will see that sometimes changing something in the SLP plugin uncovers bugs in other themes and plugins. I can usually, but not always, find a workaround.

    I may need an admin and/or FTP login to find a solution. Even better if you have a staging/test site that is not the live site that I can play with. If you want to provide access please send the credentials and URLs via the contact form at http://www.charlestonsw.com/mindset/contact-us/.

    We don’t have a demo site, I’m afraid. Our designer does, but he’s not up for giving people FTP information. If you’d like, I could WeTransfer you the files for the plugin and anything else you might need. Would that work?

    Or if you could do all of the work from the WordPress backend, I could send you the login for the WordPress backend of my designer’s demo site. Just logging in there now, his last version of the plugin was 2.6. I could also try to upload 2.6 and see if that works before we go through all this faff.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    I can do the work via the admin panel, however if ANYTHING goes wrong it can take the site offline. I was doing that for a customer last week while on vacation and the network connection was too slow. It pasted half a file (which I didn’t catch) in the plugin editor, when I saved the half-file the site went offline. That is why I like FTP, it is a failsafe to restore anything that breaks.

    That said, I can usually see what is going on with some minor tracing output from the admin editor. I also am back at my home office so the Internet is plenty fast. 🙂

    If you want to try 2.6 that is OK, but I’d really like to know why SLP suddenly stops working if it was working previously. Sometimes it is an SLP bug, other times it is a theme or conflicting plugin but I still like to provide a workaround or at least tell people WHY it stopped working.

    Right, that makes sense. Just sent you the details!

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    @scratchmeals – I sent you an email on this as well…

    There is a patch coming on SLP 3.7 that fixes a JavaScript warning about “formParams” not defined that shows up on some sites and stops the JavaScript from working. I tested this on the dev site you sent and it appears to fix the problem.

    You can either wait for SLP 3.7, get a beta version of 3.7 (I am still testing, so you may want to hold off on using it live) or just get the csl.js file from SLP 3.7 which has far less chances of breaking the site if something goes wrong.

    Brilliant thanks! I’ll wait for the official release and see if that solves the issue. When it does, I’ll mark this as resolved!



    Everything works now! Thank you for giving such great support!

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