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  • Arthur Klein


    works fine with send email preview and email send of send panel but want do it for posts. Are there any problems with s2member that are known?


    On a forum it’s considered the height of bad manners to open 2 threads AND post to the end of 2 other thread AND then double post to your own thread when it’s all one and the same problem. Please be patient – I sometimes need to sleep or do other things!!!

    Have you made sure in the settings page that the number of recipients per email is 1 and that the user selected in the drop down menu where it says “Send Email From:” on that same page is a user account with an on-domain email address? (i.e. if your blog is the email should be something like

    Arthur Klein


    sorry for the confusion and that this is the second response to you. in answer to first question yes it is set to 1 second question it is not from same domain since we haven’t set up that domains email although this is a new issue since it had been working. Has something changed?

    BTW I love your plugin when it is working it is the best of its type and far better than Jetpack Subscribe… Please accept my apology for my missteps here…

    ps. Lets just keep this thread open till resolve and i will not comment on any other threads into the future regarding this.


    Okay, you need to sort out an on-domain email address. WordPress 3.4 updated PHPMailer so that may have made a difference to the email headers.

    Sort an on-domain email address and set up a new user with that email (or edit an existing one). Then choose that user account as your sender in Subscribe2->Settings.

    Test emails work as they are to yourself – not many spammers are dumb enough to only spam themselves. When live emails are sent it’s to lots of other addresses so will likely be rejected.

    Arthur Klein


    is there any alternative to setting on domain email. It is a pain in the but to do. I really would like to continue to use the email address return which has been used for a great many years. The URL is really new the return email is very well known… this is a member site. Thank u for Subscribe2… BTW the reason that their were multiple messages initially was because my first reply was on a resolved thread so i thought you might not see it and then of course it got very confusing. So please understand it wasn’t SHOUTING but my learning disability stuff.

    Good Morning MattyRob,
    I am having a similar problem this morning as well. I am very new to the WordPress world and I have recently updated to WP 3.4.
    When I send out a message, it comes back with a webpage stating: Are you sure you want to do this?, but no buttons to acknowledge my request.

    My setting are:
    Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited): 1

    Send Email From: only have three options: Post Author or British Columbia Football Officials Association or adminbcfoa

    Sorry, if this makes no sense.

    Any help would be appreciated. Craig


    That’s already been covered in this thread.

    Arthur Klein


    so matty the only option is to change the email user address and there is nothing that we can do to have it operate as it has for all this time?

    Thanks, I will see if I can make sense of what I have to do tonight when I get home from work and log into the host computer. I am someone who inherited the site and I am not too familiar with all the terms and setting. Please have a little patience if I ask for some additional “dumbie” pointers or questions. Craig


    Your only other option might be to push the emails though an authenticated email service like AmazonSES.

    Sending emails from off domain accounts is far too risky in the long term though as it really looks like spam email. Create a new account would be my advice. You can always set up forwarding from the new email to your existing account.

    Thanks for link to fix the problem. Took me a little while to navigate, but once I got to the files is was easy to edit and upload.
    Thanks Again

    I did this, made a new user and gave him my email address from my website.
    Now I get this error??

    “Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider
    Could not instantiate mail function.”

    What settings where? This plugin gives me no options to enter my smtp or anything.
    It used to work fine with my gmail.


    I’ve followed up in this thread.

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