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  • @lauragb,

    It is easy. Go to Subscribe2->Settings and edit the notification template.

    If you have added a page to handle subscription and unsubsription requests as recommended in the installation instructions you can even give a link to that page.

    As for the FCC requirement – that will really depend on the kind of email you are sending. The CAN-SPAM 2003 act in USA applies to “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service”. So, if you are not selling, advertising or promoting this does not apply.

    Thanks for the clarification & quick reply!

    Unfortunately, some of my clients are authors and musicians who are advertising their new books, CDs, etc. in their blogs, so we do need to worry about the SPAM laws.

    I’m looking at the template configuration page, but is says that the links are “(only used in the confirmation email template)”. I want to put an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every “new post” message. I’ve searched the FAQ & support, but can’t seem to figure this out? Sorry if I’ve missed something really obvious!


    Sorry, I was typing fast and perhaps didn’t explain the first part very well, you don’t use a keyword.

    Say your site is, you have nice permalinks enabled and you created a page called ‘subscribe’ on your site to handle subscriptions. The link to this page will therefore be something like:

    In the notification template simply add some text at the end along the lines of:

    To unsubscribe or manage your subscription at any time visit us here:

    Is that a bit clearer?

    Ah, I see. I think we were talking at cross-purposes. 🙂

    Yes, that’s what we have now. What I was looking for was a direct unsubscribe link, like the direct confirmation link.

    I guess it’s a personal thing, but it always bugs me when I have to re-enter my email address just to get off someone’s list. After all, they just sent me an email, so they already have my email address; why do I have to type it again just to get off their list?

    Thank you!


    Since subscribe2 is designed to allow notification emails to be sent to many subscribers in a single email by using the BCC header it is not possible to have an individual ‘click to unsubscribe’ link in the notification emails. What I’ve described above is the best alternative.

    Hi does anyomne know of plugin that allow visootrs to only view they content if they subscribe or they can only comment on your blog if they subscribe



    There are lots of plugins that do this, try googling for ‘wordpress membership’.

    Hi thanks for this matty.

    I have had a look at this. do you know if the plugin limits my sites access to wordpress memebers only as I would like it be available for all visitors only thta they have to subscribe to view content.




    Sorry, I don’t know – I don’t personally use such a plugin.

    Can’t the unsubscriber’s email address be hardcoded/pre-populated in the form link?


    Subscribe2 is designed to send the same email to multiple recipients so no, this can’t be done.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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