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  • I have installed subscribe2, and made a new user with administrator privilege and assign that email that of my domain
    In settings I have choose to select as from section as this user. And when I have tested there is always error that you can not send email from (my old address) smtp error. It is not taking the email of my new user account.
    Where is the problem should I login first into that user, But I dont want this I want to work from my existing user name because all posts and gravatar is associated with that. Kindly suggest the solution.

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  • @tejprakash2580,

    If you try to send Preview emails or send emails from Subscribe2->Send Email the plugin uses the email account of the currently logged in user.

    If you have chosen a different account to be the ‘sender’ this address would be used to send subscription confirmation emails and post notifications.

    It depends on how you are going to use the plugin in deciding the best way to progress. If you are not going to use the Subscribe2->Send Email section then test the plugin is working by trying to sign up as a Public Subscribe using the Subscribe2. If you get the email you should be good, if you get an error you may need to raise a ticket with your hosting provider to see why they are blocking your emails.

    Thanks for your quick reply, I got this that send email section will work for logged user.
    But I have still problems as e.g. I am logged in as a user with associated as, and in settings I have chosen “send email from” section the user that is associated with
    When I click on send email previews, a message has come that preview mail has been sent on logged user. But I don’t get any email on my any email address. I should have got the email at as I am logged on.
    Also by adding subscriber emails in subscriber section, there is no any email sent to that subscriber for confirmation.
    My hosting email is working ok as I have check by logging into that account and when send a email using send to section it is sending the emails.
    I think I am missing some setting parameter or any setup issue is there.


    You need to raise this with your hosting provider.

    Accessing email and seeing it working via webmail or an email client is totally different from sending email via PHP scripts in your webspace as if it is coming from that address. PHP’s mail() function does not use your SMTP mail server – it simply constructs an email to look like it came from that account. This is clearly an easy way to construct spam email messages which is why hosting providers heavily restrict, limit or block such emails.

    Since your are not arriving I suspect that they are being blocked or dropped by your server as you are exceeding a limit or breaking a restriction rule. You need to ask your hosting provider what you need to do to work around their restrictions.

    There is one strange thing I noticed that when I deactivate and delete subscribe2 widget all emails those were sent earlier for testing purpose and email preview purposes suddenly reached to my domains email inbox. I don’t know what is the cause of this problem. I doubt is there any problem due to wp super cache but I am not sure.


    That sounds like you are using the old standalone Widget. Instead you should go to Subscribe2->Settings and under ‘Appearance’ check to enable the widget. Then place it in the WordPress widgets page.

    Today I have update to version 7.2 but still same problems are there as like before. In change log it has mentioned that problem of sending email preview for logged on user has been resolved. Also for new subscriber no- notification has been resolved. But I am not find any success after updating both the issues.


    Looking again at what you wrote above it seems like you are using a different email domain address when you log in to the blog. It is therefore quite likely that your hosting provider is blocking your Preview emails as they have a spoofed header. In other words it looks like you are trying to send spam.

    Try changing your email address to one that is on the same domain as the blog and the preview emails should work fine for you. The bug fix was for a fringe situation different for yours.

    Sir, I have also checked by logging into another user that is associated with a email of my domain(e.g. When I click on send previews I got 500 error. But send mail option to subscribers working (some delay of 15 minutes).
    In sidebar I have placed subscribe2 widget that is also sending link to subscribe or unsubscribe.
    I have unchecked the option for spam filtering in my hosting email account settings( But sending previews not working in any user has logged on. In next post I will check that the notification have reached or not to my subscribers. I still not deactivate my jetpack subscriber option but removed from sidebar as widget. Jetpack working ok but only problem is that I can not manage my subscriber and also it is sending post in full view not as excerpts. That’s why I want to use subscribe2.
    Thanks for your responses if anything missed here please let me know. my blog address is

    @tejprakash2580, is your host – oh dear – massive problems with Subscribe2 on their hosting plans at the moment and they are not giving any indications as to why this is the case or what must be changed to fix it.

    I have another user who reported this issue:

    And it fixed when he left GoDaddy.

    Until I can find out exactly what the restriction or limitation is on GoDaddy I can’t fix it, but some people have found some success with the “WP-Mail-SMTP” plugin and a specific configuration in Subscribe2 as detailed in the thread above.

    Hello All,
    I am actually still fairly new to this plugin but OMG its awesome… My issue is just that anyone that signs up with a hotmail email does not get the confirmation email.. anyone knows why? or can assist me


    If this is something that is only applying to hotmail addresses then I suspect it’s down to the spam filtering on hotmail.

    Try to make sure the email address the emails are coming from actually exists and is on the same domain as your blog. Also ask your host if it’s possible to set up reverse DNS checking so that the IP resolves to your domain.

    the email is being sent from my email that is @ my domain. and it still didn’t send the confirmation email. I am going onto my host to do what you suggested however I’m not even sure what that means… I don’t know what else to do


    To explain Reverse DNS, when you type in a web address the computers that con net you translate the human readable domain name into a strip of numbers called an IP address. This is a DNS lookup. To reverse that you take the IP address and see if that leads to the right domain. In some cases this does not happen and that can mean the email is spoofed and is therefore dropped by spam filters.


    I have yesterday post a new article and checked subscribe2 notifications, I found that subscribe2 sends notifications for only emails those are not on jetpack subscriber list. If a email exists in both the list then only jetpack notification have reached.

    Should I first deactivate my jetpack subscription option to check that subscribe2 is sending email to all the subscriber.

    Also I have noticed that I have received an email on one gmail id from my gmail administrator user ID. What is the means of this , shall I send notifications from my gmail Id to gmail subscribers or it has sent by mistakenly.


    Why are you using 2 email subscription plugins? This is going to confuse your readers – some have already subscribed twice. Choose one solution and abandon the other.

    Also, if you got a notification to one gmail address, via your blog but from another gmail address you have not set the emails to send from an ‘on-domain’ address. You need to make sure the sender address is an account that is on the same domain as your blog.

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