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  • When a post title contains the word date, the email sent by s2 replaces the word “date” with that day’s date. So a post titled

    Latest Update on New Technology

    is emailed out with the subject line:

    Latest UpMay 9, 2011 on New Technology

    How do I fix this? Are there other words that are going to cause similar issues?

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  • @ssflanders,

    This should only happen if DATE is in capital letters. Is this the case?

    It is the case. Upper.

    seriously, is there a way to escape something in the code to fix this? Thanks —

    @ ssflanders,

    There is now easy way to fix this in the code, it would need changes to all the keywords in the substitution() function and all the other occurrences of these words in the code. It was also need to automatically update the templates that contain these words to adopt it into the core.

    I’ve been asked this before but rarely so it can’t be a common issue. That said, if I get time I’ll look at how the keywords could be contained in curly brackets if I can manage to get some upgrade code working. What I don’t want to risk is breaking it for everyone though.

    OK, don’t worry about it, I’llwork around it. Your plugin is great and I use it in all my sites, thank you for writing it.

    btw, can you save me future grief — what other words should I be careful not to uppercase in a post title?


    Have a look in Settings->Subscribe2 and you’ll see all the keywords listed there.

    I’ll try to introduce keywords in curly brackets in the next major release as long as I can satisfy myself that I can write upgrade code so that people don’t have to start looking at their templates.


    I’ve got some code done that will put all the KEYWORDS into curly brackets {}. It will update all existing templates too. Would you like to try it out for me?

    If Matty’s fix doesn’t work, you could also type your title in Title Case, then switch it to UPPPERCASE with a css style sheet.

    h2 {text-transform: uppercase}

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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