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  • @publicradio,

    There are already a couple of other “subscribe to comment” plugins. Subscribe2 does not duplicate their functionality.

    Thanks for the reply. Do you think the two could be used in conjunction? I like Subscribe2 because it automatically subscribes selected users to all new posts. Would another plugin necessarily know who those subscribers are, and start sending them notifications on comments? It seems like you would have two parallel plugins that would have to be managed independently, adding and removing subscribers twice.


    You can use the two plugins at the same time but I’m not sure that any comment subscription plugin is Subscribe2 aware.

    In the databases in the background the subscriber details for the two plugins would be quite different. Using them across the two would be very complicated. It’s probably better to keep them separate.

    @publicradio, did you find a plugin to subscribe to ALL comments? I have a great need for subscriptions to comments only, but ALL comments and not only comments on a post they’ve viewed or commented on already.


    OR if MattyRob has any suggestion, would be greatly indebted!


    I can’t think of any plugins that directly do this, what about the comments feed though? Could you use that?


    There is a plugin called WP Comment Notifier For All that does this, supposedly. I wasn’t able to get it to work, though.

    Notifly is another plugin that subscribes emails to automatically receive notices on posts, and on comments. I have tried this plugin, and it works. It offers very little customization, though.

    Thanks publicradio and mattyrob for your responses! I’m willing to pay for this plugin…any recommendations or ideas on what the costs would be?

    @mattyrob, I could use the comment feed but it’s ugly and not customizable. It also seems to have about a 24 hour delay in sending the notification. I’m not sure how to fix that?


    I think Comment Notifier For All will work! What wasn’t working for you, Publicradio?

    You know what, Comment Notifier does work. However, I am trying to use it with Postie, and that doesn’t seem to work. Postie will allow me to post messages and comments via email, but then, for some reason, Comment Notifier For All doesn’t register these comments and send out an email. If I post comments in the normal way, though, it does work.

    If anyone knows how to make Comment Notifier For All work with Postie, that would be excellent.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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