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    If I set the notifications for once-hourly, the notification works.
    But if set for “Each post” the notice does not go out.
    This is a WP 3.2.1 multisite install. Plugin v. 7.0.1.
    I have the “emails per” setting at 1.
    Sender is from an administrator with an email address on the same domain.

    I’m stuck.

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  • Gil


    The plot thickens.
    If I set the “emails per” to 10, the notice goes out although I have to specifically authorize it through my list-server (the list-server is the recipient) since the bcc field gets used.

    If I set if back to 1 per, no notices go out. I have checked to make sure my list-server did not reject it.



    Had host enter MX records for the sub-domain. Works now.


    Thanks for following up your own post with the fix. Another case of weird happenings due to server configuration. Isn’t it strange that emails were sent in some circumstances but not others before any fix was applied to the MX records.

    So I am having the opposite issue. I’ve looked at all the posts regarding the digest not sending and everything that references Godaddy and I can’t find a solution.
    Notification by post works perfectly, but the digest never sends. Neither does the preview.
    I’m running SMTP through GoDaddy’s relay host and have tried “restrict no. of recipients at 0,1 and 30”. All other email function work as expected.
    It worked once a week ago when we tested the site before our launch date. Now the site is up with tons of traffic and my client is not impressed.
    I’m trying to migrate a copy to my Liquid Web server to see what results I get taking GoDaddy out of the equation.
    But if anyone has any ideas… I’d love to hear them.


    I did some googling and found the following about GoDaddy:

    1/ The “From:” email address CANNOT be a gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, msn etc email address – if it is then the email will get dropped as spam.
    2/ The “From:” email address is best set up as an address on the same domain as your site – so if your blog is you need an address
    3/ The “” email address given in the example above MUST actually exist on your domain. You may need to create this email.
    4/ You can only send to 250 (for shared hosting) or 1,000 (for dedicate or VPS) different email addresses in 24 hours, any more unique addresses than that will be blocked.
    5/ PHP mail() function is totally unsupported on Windows IIS hosting, you must be on Linux.
    6/ It may be worth channeling your emails via the server using something like the SMTP Mailer plugin.

    Also consider that the Digest email will only send posts made since the last digest was sent and if you’ve only just set it now it will collect posts made between now and when you’ve scheduled it to run -it does not schedule for now and look backwards.

    Thanks for the prompt reply… however I did my due diligence and did every one of those things and still no joy.
    – the from address exists and is
    – Hosting is on a Linux plan
    – I’m using wp-smtp

    There have been nearly 30 posts without a single digest being sent out. The minute I switch it to “by post” the emails come through as expected. The clients requirement however is a daily summary of posts.
    I’m out of ideas, and have read everything I can get my hands on to no avail.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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