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  • @webicycoffee,

    The first thing to check is to see if the periodic events in WordPress are working correctly. I recommend using the WP-Crontrol plugin as a good way of checking what events are scheduled and whether they are being called.

    You can also reset the Subscribe2 scheduled email by reverting the setting to per-post and then changing it back to your preferred interval again.

    If that doesn’t work then we’d need to dig deeper.

    Thanks @mattyrob,

    “per post” IS the preferred interval.

    Scheduled posts are getting published as expected, so *that* periodic event is working fine. We’re sending emails “for each post” and they go out fine when a post is manually published. The only issue is the email does not go out when the post is scheduled.


    My apologies, I misunderstood your first post. I thought you were talking about scheduled emails.

    Scheduled posts work fine on my sites? Are your time zone settings correct in the Settings->General area? Have you selected your timezone based on a local City or a timezone offset from UTC?

    Our time zone is set to a local City, is an offset from UTC recommended?

    I appreciate the help!


    That should work fine. I’m using a city name too. Are you using any plugins to write or publish future posts? Also, dose this happen using a core WordPress theme?

    I’m having the exact same problem with my scheduled posts. I’m using this theme:

    It’s called reaction.


    Same 2 questions to you as well then:
    Are you using any plugins to write or publish future posts?
    Also, dose this happen using a core WordPress theme?

    The theme you are using is a premium one, so I’m not able to download it and review the code for conflicts.

    No, just using wordpress it self.
    Haven’t tried a core theme, can’t really change the theme since I use the page for my business and I have some traffic.
    Do you want to have a look at the files?


    It would be better to identify that as a possible source of the problem first. Is there no way you can test on a dummy blog with the same set-up with the exception of the theme?

    If that works but then not with this theme it is almost certainly a conflict with the theme. If it doesn’t work then the theme is looking okay and we need to consider other things like plugin conflicts.


    Strange, I had this happen to me today on one of my sites. I’m wondering if it’s down to some change in the WordPress core files.

    Try adding this code to your site in a plugin or your functions.php file in your theme. Make sure to update the email address on the line starting “$to =” to your own email address, this should get triggered if the WordPress ‘future_to_publish’ hook is called when the scheduled post becomes active. I’m testing this myself tomorrow.

    function f_to_p_check() {
    	if ( did_action('future_to_publish') !== 0 ) {
    		$to = '';
    		$date = date("F j, Y, g:i a");
    		$message = 'The WordPress future_to_publish hook was called at ' . $date;
    		@wp_mail($to, 'Hook Checker', $message);
    		global $wp_actions;
    		echo "<!--";
    		echo "--//>";
    add_action('shutdown', 'f_to_p_check');


    The issue on my site was caused by some code changes I’ve made for new features that are still in development. Those changes are not present in version 8.4 or lower so stable code should not be affect by my issue.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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