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  • @garryalandesign,

    You are the first to report an issue. When you says you’ve tried everything – what exactly does that include? It’s not worth me making suggestions if you’ve already tried them.

    – Adding new posts.
    – Uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.
    – Toggling all of the settings.
    – Adding new names to the subscription list.
    – Checking the server settings.

    It was working totally fine one day, then the next morning there was a new WordPress update, I installed it and then emails weren’t being sent out for new blog posts. Nothing else had been changed and no one else has access to make any changes.



    Okay, try disabling other plugins on your site and try again. Also try reverting to one of the core themes. It may be a new conflict that has become a greater issue in WordPress 3.4.

    Have you made sure the sender address is on the same domain as your blog? Also have you asked your hosting provider to check and see if there are emails hitting the server in the logs?

    Do the preview emails send for the Settings page? Can you send manual emails from the Send Email page?

    I have the same issue.

    There are several blogs on the same server, and all have been updated to 3.4

    However, mine is the only one not sending email.

    I’ve check the error log on the server and it says:
    postfix/sendmail[17183]: fatal: usage: sendmail [options]

    The blog doesn’t send an email when there’s a new comment, nor is the subscribe2 plug in working.

    I have disabled all plugins, reverted the theme to a standard theme, restarted the server, checked the mysql database and still the blog doesn’t send the email.

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.

    @bruce Llama,

    If Subscribe2 emails are not sending AND you are not getting emails for comments then you have a more global issue with emails. It may be wp_mail, a plugin or server configuration. (Yes, I know you’ve said several blogs on the same server but settings can be domain specific).

    First thing is to deactivate ALL plugins and see if you can get comment emails. If not then start checking the server. If you do get comment emails then it’s time to start re-activating plugins individually and testing each time until the site breaks again.

    As I said, I’ve disabled all the plugins, changed the themes and no luck.

    I’m able to send email via a command line, all other email on the server is working as expected. Emails are not domain specific.

    I’ve reinstalled 3.4, and no luck.

    Any other suggestions?

    Much thanks


    Does your comment at the end of this thread mean that you’ve found a fix?

    Yes, I did two things to resolve this.

    1. Install a plugin called WP-Mail-SMTP. I installed it, but didn’t configure it in any way. This solved the problem with comment emails not being sent.

    2. The Subscribe2 plug-in has two bugs that can be fixed by editing a configuration file – the plug-in programmer had identified two errors in his code. Details at

    Thanks for your input.


    Thanks for the update, glad things are working.

    Also, unless you’ve already figured it out the Subscribe2 plugin programmer is me! 🙂

    I hadn’t made that connection.

    Thanks for Subscribe2 – it’s a decent plug in.

    Now go and train your fingers to find the . and the , 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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