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  • Resolved Lutz.H


    Nevertheless: there is another problem, maybe a bug. If you can solve this one, too, I’ll donate again. The problem:
    When I go to “Mail”, type in a message and hit “send” there shows up a news window just with the question “Sure you want to do that?” without any buttons for “yes” or “no”. That means I cannon send mails to my subscribers!
    Is there a solution to that?
    Thanks again!

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  • @lutz.H,

    This is a known and fixed issue. Please see this thread.

    Alright, got it, works. Thank you!

    Got feedback from my provider: “safe_mode” isn’t activated and never was. Nevertheless I changed the two lines in code like said in this bug fix report: (means I deleted the “$params”. Didn’t help anyway.
    Shall I set up a new ticket for this issue or what shall I do? The whole system is of no worth if it can’t send mails ;))
    I’m doing whatever you say to make that work!!!
    Thanks again in advance!!!


    If your site is sending no emails at all now you probably need to open a new ticket on the core trac and stress that safe_mode is off.

    Check with your hosting provider first though and also make sure the same thing happens with NO plugins active and using the default theme.

    Alright, I’ll do so, thanks!

    I posted, let’s see if I’ll get any help there.
    But I’m just wondering: If this would be a problem of the WordPress core – wouldn’t have all users of your pugin have a problem then?
    Tried out default theme and all plugins de-aktivated but Subscribe2, wrote a new mail manually – again nothing goes out …
    Because I have to end the setup of the website by the end of this month and I can’t do it without any mail subscription tool: Any more suggestions I could try out?

    Thanks again and kind regards,


    Your server is another thing that is different. Just to clarify – do you get emails when some makes a comment? That has nothing to do with my plugin. If that works it’s the Subscribe2 configuration.

    If that doesn’t work it’s a wider issue sending email on your server that your host should be able to provide some help with and WordPress may need to consider.

    You could try the email debug plugin to see if emails are working at all.

    Thanks, great hint!
    Wrote a comment and got no mail (that option is on of course). So this must really be a problem of the WordPress system …
    Thanks again!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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