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    Hi. My site is called Womanology and I was using Subscribe 2 without any problems until recently.

    However, there was recently a worrying episode where somehow someone managed to register as an admin instead of a user (I wasn’t even notified, I just noticed it). I removed them, changed a few settings, and installed SABRE to try to prevent similar things happening in future. (I’ve also recently updated my versions of WordPress and Subscribe2.)

    And now when people try to subscribe, they don’t get an email, and I don’t get a notification of a new subscriber. Also, nothing appears in any column of the subscriber list. It just seems dead (although notifications of new posts still work, as does the test email). No more subscribers for me!

    I do get that warning message about emails with non-matching domain names, but it was never a problem before. I’ve tried deactivating SABRE and messing around with my settings again, but to no avail.

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  • @womanology,

    I tried to subscribe on your site at the link you gave about an hour ago, I got the email. I clicked the link and got the confirmation message on screen to say I’d subscribed.

    I then completed that entire process again and it said I’d unsubscribed.

    Maybe your issue is that the emails end up in spam folders as they are related to a site with your womanology domain but are sent from a gmail email address.

    Dear MR,

    Thanks a lot for looking into it, much appreciated. I will ask people (and warn them) about spam folders. Can’t really justify the extra outlay on a domain-based email address yet.

    The reason I thought something was wrong was that I specifically set up a new email address for myself to test out subscriptions with, and nothing happened – no notifications to the site, to my regular email, or to my new one. I guess the site “knew” I was the user and so didn’t process the request?

    Could you just tell me which box you used to subscribe – the one in the widget or the one on the Subscribe page? Thanks again.


    I used the widget on your front page but this directs the clicked confirm links to your subscribe page anyway.

    I’m not sure who you are hosting with but with a domain name you usually get a few email addresses included. Might be worth checking again with them that there really is a charge for this.

    I will, thanks.

    As you can tell, still quite new to this and somewhat bewildered. First time I’ve felt stupid in years.


    Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, what you have is a lack of knowledge and awareness – not the same thing. I’m always more than happy to help people who are prepared to learn. 🙂

    I too am having a problem all of the sudden with the subscribe widget to working.

    each time anyone tries to type in anything in the subscribe box, it takes you to the about page. I changed the settings to go to the Homepage, but that didn’t seem to do anything.


    When you made that change in the plugin did you make sure and save it? If you did, are you using a plugin or a theme with caching capability? I’ve seen this making a mess recently unless subscribe2 is white listed in the bypass cache pages.

    Thanks for your quick reply!

    I saved it, but still the same thing.
    How can I check the caching capability?
    And do you mind explaining how to white list subscribe2?

    Is this something to do with WordPress upgrades? Because the plugin has been working just fine until recently…?


    The reason this is happening is because you have mal-formed HTML in the prior widget on your page. In the section of your Sidebar where it says Meet Alison! your have a link Read More at the bottom of the text. This is not closed with an so the link is applied to everything else down the sidebar – the entire Subscribe2 widget links to your about me page.

    Oh geez…thanks! Works just fine now!

    I have been trying to help a friend with a much similar problem. She runs a blog called Recipes by Aromatic Spice Blends, LLC

    As you would be able to see from the link, she uses a Subscribe2 widget to get users to subscribe. However, no one has actually been able to do so. I tried subscribing through my personal email address, however, I never received any email to confirm my subscription (nor one in my ‘spam’ folder) whatsoever and neither can I see any unregistered/unconfirmed users under the ‘Subscribers’ link on the blog.

    I read through the FAQs and some of the earlier comments that mention that the email address used to send these email notifications needs to be something like, which is what she uses, so that certainly isn’t the problem.

    She does use the wp-cache plugin. Could that be the problem? How do I fix it? Please help.


    The caching plugin could well be the cause. Have a look in the settings for the caching plugin and see if you can whitelist Subscribe2 or allow form requests to be processed. A very quick way to check first though is to disable the caching plugin and see if the form then works – you should get a message saying an email is on the way.


    I tried doing that. It still won’t work.


    I’ve been using the plugin successfully on another site on same server for a couple of years, but this new websote, while set exactly the same, just doesn’t respond. When attempting to subscribe (via a browser not logged into the site, and using a different email address), it generates no confirmation statements or email; returns the user to the homepage (which is not the default Subscriber2 page); and, most importantly: it doesn’t add the person to the subscribers list.

    Test emails work, but not actual ones.

    The catch could be that it’s a Hebrew (LTR) site running on WP 3.4.2 he_IL (hosted in the US). But why should this be a problem?

    Is there anything else to inspect/confirm?

    Many thanks!



    Even with the plugin deactivated your site may still be serving cached pages through entries in your .htaccess file. You need to make totally sure that cached pages are not being served at all.

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