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    As this seems to be a different issue than the resolved post I was commenting on and I have new information I am posting here.

    When I configure to send via any digest timeframe mails are not sent. Not the digest and not the <send email preview> regardless if there is a recent post. When I switch to the “For each post” selection the mails go out as expected and the preview mails go out as well.

    I originally was running this on godaddy servers and researched and made sure I was configured as suggested and the From emails were from the home domain and were active email accounts. I tried with the same results via email() and SMTP (Linux host). I also tried number of recipients at 0, 1, 10 and 30.
    In each case emails went out if the plugin was set for posts, but not for digest (incl previews).

    SO… I migrated to my VPS Liquid Web box and got the exact same result. I’m now going to do a clean install and see what the end result is.

    What is bugging me most is that it works so well for post notification. Could the Cron be screwed-up? on both Godaddy and default Liquid Web VPS host?
    thoughts… ideas? I’d even take a smart remark at this point.

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  • @azemiops,

    Okay, this sounds more like we need to debug cron for you.

    First thing for you to do is install the WP-Crontrol plugin. Once this is installed and active have a look in the WordPress administration area at Tools->Crontrol. See if the tasks in there are running themselves or are vastly overdue.

    It appears all is well.
    s2_digest_cron [] 02/07/12 07:00:00 (11 hours 13 minutes) 86400 (1 day)

    All other tasks list future time/dates to run next


    Okay, go to Settings->Subscribe2 and see if there is a “Resend Digest” button just under where it says “Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after:”.

    If the button is there, click and and see what message you get at the top of the screen.

    If it isn’t there we’ll need to wait until the subscribe2_cron event fires and then click it.

    It says
    “The Digest Notification email contained no post information. No email was sent”

    However I added two new posts and tried again with the same response.

    BTW, I am very appreciative of your continued assistance. The intention is to go with your HTML version as soon as we can get this working.


    Digest notifications work off fixed timepoints. The Resend Last button works on the previous interval. So if your posts is set to send each Monday then Resend would work out what should have sent last Monday including posts from the Monday before.

    You need to wait for the next event to trigger to include these 2 new posts and see if it sends, if not his the resend button, if you get the same message you need to check your settings and make sure you have not configured the plugin to exclude posts in such a way that nothing is being included in the email.

    Thank you for the help.
    It is now working! It was indeed all the Godaddy stuff I did before this thread and it just needed to have something to send afterwards.

    The client had wanted to send out a single category that he was using to flag what he wanted to go out in the email, but because he was excluding all other categories and each post was a member of at least one of the excluded categories as well as the category he wanted to send out, nothing was going to pass the exclude category filter.

    This seems like it would be a critical feature to be able to send out a digest on one category or flag of some sort (regardless if the posts exist in other categories). Any pointers on getting this done quickly? If not I’ll dig in and see if I can do it and share the code here for others to use.

    Thanks again MattyRob!!


    Excluded categories work in such a way that if a post is assigned to an excluded category, even if it’s in other allowed categories, it won’t generate an email.

    For digest emails, to change this you’ll need to amend the code around line 3763.

    Thanks a ton!
    I’ll dig in and see how bad I can break your plugin before I come back begging for help.

    Am I really the first person with a need to flag posts to be included on the digest? Is there a reason I’m not seeing why this isn’t part of the core functionality?

    I also wish the plugin allowed for the digest as well as signing up for notifications on a post by post basis but the subscribers simultaneously, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry rather than tinker with your otherwise fantastic plugin.

    my mails are send when i checked send every article. using a specific time – it doesn’t work.
    subscribe2 is listed in the cron-jobs.

    what can i do? anyone has a hint?


    Do other cron events on your site work as expected – things like backup plugins, and the core WordPress cron events? Installing WP-Crontrol will allow you to check.

    i checked a lot – only thing that works is “for every article” – even when an article is published in future. so cron jobs work – but just with “for every article”

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