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    I just installed Mail Queue and I get this error message.

    WPMQ Error. The wp_mail() function already exists. This is likely to be caused by another plugin.

    Subscribe2 is version 6.5.

    How do I trouble shoot this problem?


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  • @RiskA99,

    Disable all other plugins and reload the WPMQ page – the error should disappear.

    Then re-activate your other plugins one at a time and reload the WPMQ after each one – when the error message appears you’ll have the culprit. Then you need to request a fix from the other plugin author or simply stop using it.

    Thanks. It was WP Security Scan by Website Defender that was causing the problem.


    Having just had a look at the code it’s because this plugin requires the WP core pluggable.php file on loading instead of using the action API. That means the pluggable code is called earlier than it should be.

    I purchased subscribe2 html and WP mail queue. i imported my email list to subscribe 2 about 1400 emails. My server allows only 1000 per day. so i set mail queue to 500 per day. when i post something many subscribers get multiple copies of the email notification, some are getting it 7 times! this has annoyed people and they are unsubscribing. yet some on the list don’t get an email at all. The queue lists 489 remaining and goes for days and doesn’t reduce. Does anyone else have this problem. I paid for the plugin and does not work. Im also getting no response form the author.


    That’s most likely due to a corrupt email address (one that the DNS cannot resolve an IP for) in your database.

    Have a look in the mail queue table and see if you can figure out where it’s getting stuck, then erase that message.

    Also, make sure you are using 2.0 of the Mail Queue plugin if you are on the latest version of WordPress – duplicate emails are far less common due to a core patch to the cron functions.

    Unable to locate the offending email I deleted WP Mail Queue. now when i send e-mails they only send in full text preview to subscribers not in FUll HTML. I removed all subscribers except 10 to test the post notification. This is a mess


    Okay, if you only have 10 users remaining, can you tell me are these Public or Registered or a mix of the 2? (Look in Subscribe2->Subscribers).

    If they are Registered they will have (edit) next to their name, click that and check if they are opting for HTML emails or not.

    Another thing to check is that in the plugins page Subscribe2 is listed as “Subscribe2 HTML” and not “Subscribe2”.

    And one last thing, when the emails arrive have a loof at the source of the email and check to see if it says the content-type is text/plain or text/html.

    There is a mix of registered and public users. I did check all have full HTML emails.
    The plugn page is listed as subscribe2 not Subscribe2 HTML. However if i send a test email it sends a full HTML email as well as others. I couldnt find the source of emails not sure as to what to look for


    You are using the free version, not the HTML one then. The previews deliver examples of the 4 possible email types that the plugin can produce to the inbox of the currently logged in user – that’s not the same as your live emails.

    You need to re-install the HTML version of the plugin.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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