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  • @luca_db,

    It’s already possible. Get your users to Registered with your WordPress site and they will then gain access to the Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions page where that can choose which categories they want notifications for.

    Read the FAQs for more about the different subscriber types.


    In order to get a user registered with my wordpress site, do I need to install a specific plugin?
    I am using wordpress 3.3.



    No, just go to Settings->General and where it says “Membership” check the “Anyone can register” box.


    Thanks for your promt response but I did what you just mention and I don’t see any way for a user to register. There is no login prompt.


    You’ll need to put the meta widget in your sidebar or a link to:


    That’s perfect, thanks a lot!

    Hi there, I have the same query and would appreciate some help… I added the Subscribe2 widget to my sidebar and created a dummy subscriber using an alternative email address. Now, when I log in as this subscriber, and click on the widget, it takes me to my user page alright, but under Subscribe 2 I only have the option to:

    – Receive periodic summaries of new posts; and
    – choose “Do not send notifications for post made by these authors”.

    There is no list of categories to choose from at all.

    Do I need to set this up from the admin side of things? I have poured over the settings page but can’t work it out, am I being blind?

    Any help will be very much appreciated.


    You have it set in Digest mode – so it sends a summary email on a periodic basis. For this, Subscribers can only opt in or out hence the cut down option page.

    Oh, I see, I didn’t think about trying that! I’d rather people didn’t get an email every time I post something, but rather once a day though…. So I’d like to keep the digest option – since subscribers will be signed up to every category by default with this option, can I still change the subscriptions manually afterwards? It’s just for friends and family so I’m not expecting more than a handful of people to subscribe anyway.



    Allowing users to choose specific categories for digest based emails opens the possibility of infinite combinations of emails depending on the number of subscribers and the number of categories. For that reason per-category subscriptions are not possible in digest mode.

    Thanks MattyRob, I see your point!! I didn’t think it through obviously… Think they’ll just have to put up with multiple emails then! Cheers!!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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