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  • I really like what you have done with Subscribe2 in 7.x. Well done, and thanks for the great plugin.
    I have a Feature request for handling Registered Subscribers. I have Registered Subscribers and Public Subscribers. It would be nice if Registered Subscribers would be handled as Public Subscribers so that they could “Unsubscribe” to e-mail notifications, while remaining as Registered WP users, and vice-versa.

    Here are the use case scenarios:

    1) When a new user is registering they are also Subscribed for e-mail notifications. Later on, they want to de-register as a WP user, but still receive e-mail notifications.

    2) When a new user is registering they are also Subscribed for e-mail notifications. Later on, they do not want to receive e-mail notifications, but still remain registered WP users.

    Note: The option to “unsubscribe” from e-mail notifications is required by European law. Registering/De-registering from WordPress should be mutually exclusive from e-mail notifications.

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  • @elarson,

    1) When a new user registers they may be subscribed to notifications depending upon the Settings. Later, if they wish to de-register they will need to contact another user on the site who holds administrator access level in order to delete their account, this will result in them being removed as a WP user and free to subscribe as a public user. Currently WordPress does not support users deleting their own accounts.

    2) Such a user should log in a visit Subscribe -> Your Profile, uncheck all categories and click Update Preferences.

    Hi MattyRob,

    I see what you wrote as a “wordkaround” rather than addressing the core issues. I understand this may not be on the books now, but I do hope you will consider it for future.

    1) I have tried plugins like “Delete Me”, but I really don’t think someone should have access to the WP user account. I think it would be better to create a Public Subscriber entry when registering as a WP user. If their WP user account is later deleted, they would still receive e-mail notifications.

    2) European law requires that users have a reasonable way to opt-out of e-mail notifications (Possible spam). The method you describe assumes that a Public Subscriber has knowledge of WordPress and what categories they are subscribers of, which could change over time, and it is also very cumbersome. It is not a reasonable way to opt-out of e-mail notifications, which in my view, should be as simple as entering their e-mail address.


    Sorry, it seems I have not explained myself very well.

    Once you create a new account in WordPress the ‘core’ WordPress files do not allow users to delete their own accounts. Until this is added as a feature in WordPress there is very little that Subscribe2 as a plugin can do about it. If an account is deleted by an administrator level user there is nothing to stop that person then subscribing as a Public Subscriber.

    In your second point, to clarify, Public Subscribers need no knowledge of WordPress as they have no login, password or control over their subscription. They can opt out at any time by entering their email in the same form they used to subscribe but hit the Unsubscribe button. Then click the confirmation link in the email.

    I also recommend that blog owners put a link to the page containing their Subscribe2 form in the email notifications.

    If you want to know more about the different subscriber types (Registered and Public) see here.

    Hi MattyRob,

    Thanks for all of your replies. Probably I am not explaining this well. I think I understand the current functionality (thanks for the link anyway). What I am looking for is extended functionality (a feature request).

    I am going to start over and give examples based on my original posting. For the sake of discussion, assume that the Subcribe2 settings have new users registering automatically be subscribed for e-mail notifications. Also assume many registered subscribers (WP users) and many public subscribers.

    1) The administrator deletes a registered WP user for writing posts, etc., but still wants them to receive e-mail notifications without having to manually enter them as public subscribers. The users must be able to unsubscribe themselves for e-mail notifications.

    2) The user decides they do not want to receive e-mail notifications, but still wants to remain as registered WP user for writing posts, etc. The users must be able to unsubscribe themselves for e-mail notifications.

    I think the easiest way to accomplish both of these scenario’s is to give all registered subscribers (WP users) a public subscription, perhaps one that also allows HTML notifications, that users can control independently of their WP user registration.

    This would be in accordance to Directive 2009/136/EC of the European Parliament (

    Article 13
    Unsolicited communications

    2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, where a natural or legalperson obtains from its customers their electronic contact details for electronic mail, in the context of the sale of a product or a service, in accordance with Directive 95/46/EC, the same natural or legal person may use these electronic contact details for direct marketing of its own similar productsor services provided that customers clearly and distinctly are given the opportunity to object, free of charge and in an easy manner, to such use of electronic contact details at the timeof their collection and on the occasion of each message incase the customer has not initially refused such use.

    @elarson I agree with second thing about easier way for registered users to unsubscribe. Currently its very confusing even for advanced users, not to mention ones that are not tech savvy.

    I have some code that makes workaround without changing way Subscribe2 works under the hood which makes one checkbox for subscribing/unsubcribing and I’ll propose importing it to the core.

    However, I don’t agree with first thing you mention. When user is deleted, it’s not Subscribe2’s business to subscribe that user as a public user. That is a job of administrator to do, either manually or via custom code.


    2) The user decides they do not want to receive e-mail notifications, but still wants to remain as registered WP user for writing posts, etc. The users must be able to unsubscribe themselves for e-mail notifications.

    And they can. If these users are writing posts they are familiar with logging in. It’s therefore 3 clicks to unsubscribe. 1 to navigate to the “Your Subscriptions” page, 1 to deselect all categories and 1 to click “Update Preferences”.

    Converting Registered users to a Public user type with or without the ability to opt for HTML emails would require a complete re-write of the plugin as it is a huge departure from the current functionality of the code.

    It may be possible to think a better way for registered users to unsubscribe but conversion to public subscribers is not a practicable way to do it.

    Hi MattyRob and Milan,

    Thanks for taking the time to think about this. Early on in this thread I had hesitated to try to give solutions, as I think Use Case Scenario’s are a more effective way than trying to map out a solution first. You confirmed this by saying that it would be a complete re-write of the plugin, which I agree is going too far.

    Having said that, I do think some kind of functionality to give registered subscribers (WP users) the ability to unsubscribe themselves easily for e-mail notifications is really the most important point, however that might be accomplished, to fulfill the requirements of EU law.



    Thanks for your follow up. My feeling is that EU law is satisfied as Registered Users can unsubscribe by deselecting all categories in their profile.

    Once logged in, it’s 3 clicks to unsubscribe. I don’t feel that is too onerous however if anyone can suggest how we can shave a click off their I’m willing to listen.

    Hi MattyRob,

    I saw some posts about this a few times in the last years. Maybe some others EU users will pipe in on idea’s.

    Personally, I think 3 clicks, is 2 clicks too many, especially if you are a registered user who is not familiar with WP. Just my 2 cents.

    Again, thanks for thinking about this.
    — Ellyn

    I’ve created a patch that enables one-click subscribing/unsubscribing for registered users. More details on Trac ticket.

    Hi Milan,

    That’s brilliant. Maybe I missed something on the link, but can you tell me how to install the patch?

    I’ll give it a try over the weekend.

    Many thanks for your work. It is much appreciated.


    Patch is used with SVN. SVN is used by plugin authors to submit code changes to WordPress plugins repository.

    So this patch is intended for MattyRob who should merge it with plugin’s source code. If he doesn’t accept this feature, I’ll then publish how to enable it.

    OK. I look forward to hearing what all of you decide.

    @milan & Ellyn,

    I’ve just applied a very slightly amended patch to the trunk code that is currently in development for version 8.0.

    Please download from here to test and see if this is what you had in mind.

    Milan – note I’ve made a few very minor tweaks to your patch in the wording mainly and have also added 2 buttons to the “Your Subscriptions” page to more quickly Subscribe or Unsubscribe.

    Great! Thank you for fast response.

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