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  • @imran2w,

    I have so many people doing exactly what you are doing! That’s why I’ve implemented this error message. I think it’s pretty self explanatory, you are trying to use an email address to send your notifications that is not on-domain with your blog; the message is not stopping sending but it’s telling you WHY your emails are not sending.

    If your blog is you need to use an address something like to send the emails.

    You may need to create this email address with the help of your hosting provider, you then need to add this email address to a user account with admin level privileges within WordPress and select this as the Sender in Subscribe2->Settings.

    I have an email address from the domain and it still keeps showing the message. Not sure how to get it right?


    Has that email address been entered as the email address for an admin level user on your blog (Users->All User)?

    Have you selected that same user account as the preferred sender of Subscribe2 email in Subscribe2->Settings where it says “Send Email From:” under the Notification Settings heading?

    This is not right. The subscriber should see that emails are coming from a legit company email, not email. Some companies have a separate domain name for their blogs. The settings was better when I did not update. How can this be reverted back to its previous version?


    Look for this file on your WordPress install:

    Edit it and at the top you’ll see these lines:

    $sender = $this->get_userdata($this->subscribe2_options['sender']);
    list($user, $domain) = explode('@', $sender->user_email, 2);
    if ( !strstr($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'], $domain) ) {
    	echo "<div id=\"message\" class=\"error\"><p><strong>" . __('You appear to be sending notifications from an email address from a different domain name to your blog, this may result in failed emails', 'subscribe2') . "</strong></p></div>";

    Comment them out.

    Any chance this message could be added via hook (so that I can remove it via hook)? 🙂


    I’ll see, may be possible at some point. 😉

    Or maybe give it a unique class/id?

    <div id=”s2-email-warning” class=”error”>Oh heads up yo, you might have email trouble!</div>


    You are quite right there of course. I’m re-using the same ID for 2 messages when CSS IDs should be unique for validation reasons. I’ll get that fixed for 8.5 and you can use CSS to hide it if you like.

    Thanks for your support. I found the issue on this page and it solved my problem. thanks.

    I’m not too sure this is a good idea anyway.

    A blog with just one user (hopefully not called admin) may well need an email address that is specifically not from the domain. That way, if the domain falls over (eg expires or there is a registration/nameserver problem) the admin can be warned.

    Or if you have multiple users posting, they may not have or want to have addresses.

    A better (and I think simpler) solution would be to have a SENDFROM parameter in the setup that the user can alter. That way, the name server rDNS and spf records should be satisfied. And send from could comrise USERNAME and BLOG_DOMAIN.

    I see there is already EMAIL but that is just the default.


    A lot of hosting providers are now implementing policies that demand that the ‘sending’ email address actually exists. Creating a single newsletter email address and a single account with that email address is really not that difficult in my opinion and solves all of the issues you raise above with the addition that the email address is probably also in existence.

    Of course not of this would be necessary if it were not for spam anyway but there’s nothing we can do about that.



    “you then need to add this email address to a user account with admin level privileges within WordPress”

    Can you please explain where to go to do this? Ive tried but its still not working so maybe I am not doing something right…



    Ahh, I found it. Its under Users – Your Profile.

    I hadn’t messed with that since starting the blog and forgot it was there.



    Surprisingly, I am still having this problem, which is not sending emails.
    True, my user-admin email address is different than the settings email address. The settings email address is used for admin purposes while the user address is for comments to posts and pages. Since many individuals leave messages, then there exists many emails. Within this week, I released a page and a post and none were sent to even myself or others. This is very frustrating not being able to communicate to members. Specific instructions are welcome and yes I have reviewed the manual.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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