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  • Hi, I’m on the latest WordPress (3.3.2) and the latest Subscribe2. I’m using WordPress as a CMS and have about 190+ pages (on an internal-only site). We want to use Subscribe2 so users can see when a page changes, but it only seems to send notifications for POST changes, never for PAGE changes, even though I marked Send Email for Pages as Yes under Settings.

    Does anyone have this working for Pages (not just Posts) under the latest version?

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  • @zfriedlander,

    Subscribe2 only sends notification when posts (or pages) are published, not when they are changed.

    In order to over ride this you need to refer the post (or page) to an unpublished (or draft) status and then essentially re-publish it.

    I should have said, I did that too. Changed it to Draft, made a change, saved it, and then clicked Publish. On Posts it sends, but not on Pages.

    Actually it also doesn’t notify even for brand-new pages (though it does with brand-new posts).


    I just tried it on my test install, made a current page draft at Pages->All Pages then clicking edit under a page name. Then Published it (after ensuring Subscribe2 was set to send emails for Pages in Subscribe2->Settings) and it worked fine for me.

    Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same problem as zfriedlander. I have installed version 8.2 and tried also developmentversion 8.3. Notifications for pages (new or old [changed to draft and published again]) aren’t sent. Notifications are sent perfectly with posts.

    I hope you will have a solution.


    As I said above – I cannot reproduce this error. Please can you tell me which version of WordPress, what theme and tell me steps to re-create this issue so I can find the source of the error.

    Thank you for your quick response. I am using WordPress version 3.3.2 with theme Weaver version 2.2.8.

    When I make an new Post (or when I republish an existing Post) then Subscribe2 sends notification emails. When I create a new Page (or when I republish an existing Page) nothing happens although i have selected “Send email for Pages: Yes”.

    Of course I am willing to give you more details if you want. Please let me know.


    Okay, I had a test with WP 3.3.2 and the Weaver theme 2.2.8. Again, it worked fine for me. Can you disable you other plugins and test it again. Also can you post a list of your other active plugins.

    I’m still following this too and for the record I’m using theme Atahualpa 3.5.1. I can’t disable my plugins at the moment because people are using the site and I don’t have a duplicate dev site (though I should), but I will disable them tonight or on the weekend and test again.

    Ok I turned off all my plugins (except Subscribe2) and I still get the same results: creating a post triggers an email but neither creating a page nor changing a page triggers an email. I doublechecked that “Send email for pages” is set to yes.


    I’ll install this theme on my test site and give it a try later and post back my results. I can only find version 3.7.6 currently and even in the SVN there is a 3.5.2 and 3.5.4 but no 3.5.1.

    Good morning,

    Same trouble for me. It used to work perfectly until I installed the update.
    I tried to disable my pluggins but the trouble remained.

    I use Suffusion theme and the following extensions :

    Plug in not modified that used to work with Subscribe2
    Admin Bar Disabler Version 1.0.2
    CaPa Protect – Version
    Flexi Pages Widget – Version 1.6.10
    NextGEN Gallery – Version 1.9.3

    Newly installed
    CKEditor for WordPress – Version
    Login Timeout – Version 1.0
    No Right Click Images Plugin – Version 2.2

    New versions installed
    Subscribe2 – Version 8.2
    WP-Members – Version 2.7.4

    I have to state that I only use Posts (and not Pages) and that “Send an email for each post” is checked.


    Have you checked in the Subscribe2->Settings page and made sure the number of recipients per email is set to one and that the sender selected has an email address that is on the same domain as your blog?

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