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  • My emails are not going out at all – my host said it never even attempted to go out. No restrictions. I suppose all my setting are correct, I followed the instructions. What else could I try?

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  • Update: I changed it to send out an email with every new post. Now I get it to the admin email (which is also in the subscriber list), but not the other email I used. Any idea why it goes out to that one but not the others?


    Have your tried using @mail( instead of @wp_mail( in the subscribe2.php file?

    Have you also tried trouble shooting the BCC header as detailed on the plugin site?

    Thanks for the tip. Made all the changes, made a post, but still not sending to anyone but the admin email.

    No one?


    Have you tried a simpler test of mailing functionality? Try this test plugin.

    I wanted to avoid sending in this post… but I am miffed.

    Firstly, I ran the Test Mail plugin, and it works fine. Getting an email every time a person hits my sight.

    I tried taking my S2 version back a couple notches, and still, no emails are going out to the few readers that I have, except one… me. When I publish something, I get an email stating that I have published a new article, but no one else does. I have tried adding new email listings to see if that helps, but no luck.

    I am sure that this is a settings issue, and I am probably going to be embarrassed when you tell me how to fix this. But I am willing to take that chance.



    When I attempt to send a message to all subscribers, the only one that is sent is the one to me. No one else gets an email, not even the test email accounts I set up for this.

    One of the email addresses I tested with an email tracking program ( and it does not see that the email was aver sent.


    You need to check with you host about BCC headers. Subscribe2 sends a mail to you using the To: address and to your subscribers in the BCC: field. It would seem that BCC: is being blocked by your server and hence they get no email notifications.

    Hi there,

    i can subscribe/unsubscribe an address an i get the mail. I confirm the email address. And when I then publish a post I don’t get a notification…

    Problem with the BCC Header?

    i have only 25 subscriptions…

    I’m having the exact same issue… I’ve tried the BCC thing, the SMTP thing and still, the only person being notified of a new post is me.

    This was working perfectly until I upgraded to the latest version of WP and subsequently had to upgrade the plugin…

    In the old plugin, I had to turn on the DREAMHOST setting, however that appears to be deprecated or replaced by the BCCLIMIT field, I’m not sure.

    I’ve had a really big drop in readership since I realised the mails were no longer going out… Really frustrating.


    Read the posts higher up, there is a link to a troubleshooting guide about BCC headers. If you don’t know what they are try searching in google.


    DREAMHOST was replaced with BCCLIMIT becuase the issue this variable fixes isn’t just on Dream Host server. Whatever value you used previously, use it under BCCLIMIT and you should be good again.

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