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  • Love your plug in, it’s exactly what this website needs.

    using the newest plugin fm this week. Admins do get the emails, some subscribers get it, but others don’t, I have tried to modify settings per your recommendations on this forum.

    I tried the debug plugin because then I could possibly test it better. – no email at all was sent… deactived debug

    I have been in touch with my host: settings are 500 per hour 5000 per day. I am sending from matching email on the domain.

    I just bought the user’s guide, and will go through it.

    I’m happy to donate and get support. This is a private website with about 50 users We are only posting about 3-5 posts per week, just want the users to get an email when a post is posted.

    I’m not a coder… 🙁 yet that is.

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  • @teateirlynck,

    What version of Subscribe2 are you using?

    Have you set the number of recipients per email to 1 and is the sender using an email address that is on-domain with the blog? So your blog is, and the email should be something like

    using 8.2
    yes recipients per email is 1
    email is
    blog is

    I am using wp-members plugin on this site, so I have not checked the “anyone can register” in general settings.

    I’ve already got most of my users signed up and they have a profile, etc via the memberhship wp_members plug in.

    I didn’t plan to have a special subscribe page or widget.


    Those are not ‘Confirmed’ subscribers, they are all registered. In the drop down list where is says filer have a look how many Registered Users compared to Registered Subscribers. If the two are not the same then some of your users are Registered with your blog but not subscribed to any categories.

    There are 2 user admins and here’s the drop down:


    Okay, a few more things to check then:
    Does the email address actually exist with an inbox you can check?
    Do you have only 2 categories on your blog?
    Have the people who don’t get the email added the director email to their address book and checked their spam filters?

    yes is real created on my host server, I get all emails, it’s pointed to my gmail account on my hosting mailbox central.

    Yes I have 2 categories only. This website does not need categories.

    Yes I did have they members check their spam filters.

    Should I add more categories just to get it working?


    You don’t need to create more categories, but are you writing posts that are filed in a category? If not then they won’t get picked up by the plugin? Are they Pages instead perhaps?

    Also, coming back to the email again, is it a forwarding set up you have? If so this may still be the issue if there is no account for that email address but instead a pseudo-account that takes emails to that address and forwards them.

    Finally, do the missing emails have anything in common – such as all being on 1 domain like for example?

    Thank you for getting back.

    All posts are categorized as “uncategorized”, so that should be fine

    The “sender” email is a true email account:
    Manual server configuration:
    SMTP Server:
    SMTP Port: 587
    POP Server:
    POP Port: 110
    Outgoing Server Requires SMTP Authentication

    One of the subscribers that was not getting her subscription, we can eliminate..found the issue (looking in wrong place)

    In terms of testing, how can I easily see the list of emails being sent?


    In terms of testing, how can I easily see the list of emails being sent?

    You can’t do this easily, I’ve intentionally left log gin out of the code as it would slow things down.

    One way would be to use a wp_mail() plugin that queues the emails to a database instead and then view the database.

    Ok I’ve just done the wp_mail plugin, and posted, the emails, and viewed the file. LOoks like everyone is getting the emails now…

    Must have been a series of individual glitches / user errors.

    THANK YOU!!!


    The mail log text file that was generated for a post is very large. It seams to have repeat emails way beyond the 4 formats. Is that normal?


    I honestly don’t know for sure as I’ve never used it but, if you have the number of recipients per email set to one then there should be one line in the log for each recipient.

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