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  • I have noticed recently that some of my new subscribers are ending up on my list of Current Subscribers multiple times – their email address is on there 2-4 times and unnaturally inflating my subscriber count.

    I tried to remove one of the duplicates and it removed all instances of that email address.

    Are these users getting multiple post notifications? If so, how can I fix this?

    I am running version 7.0.1 and wanted to resolve this before I upgraded, as I’m about to run an important event for these subscribers and didn’t want to risk losing their emails in the upgrade. (Or will updating solve this?)


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  • @marr5229,

    I’ve only had this reported once before and I’m of the opinion that it’s a plugin conflict or maybe an SQL database setting issue.

    Please can you provide a list of other plugins that you use so I can cress reference.

    You’ll be fine upgrading the code at anytime but let me figure out how you can delete the duplicates without losing the subscriber details.

    Thanks Matty for looking into this.

    Current active plugins include:

    Add Font Family Dropdown to Visual Editor
    Contact Form 7
    EZPZ One Click Backup
    One Click Child Theme
    OZH Dropdown Menu
    Subscribe to Comments
    W3 Total Cache
    Wordpress SEO (Yoast)


    How feasible would it be for you to run without W3 Total Cache for a while? Or at least to turn the caching features down?

    That name has cropped up before and I’m wondering if SQL queries are being cached and rerun instead of updated.

    I could deactivate it.

    Would this be a test fix of preventing future duplicates?

    Also, you are still looking for a way to delete the extra emails without losing the original, right?


    Yes, If you can run without W3 Total Cache for a while and the duplicates stop appearing we’ve located the conflict. I use hyper cache without such issues.

    If this solves the does I can then start to figure out a way to quickly erase them from the database tables without losing data.

    ok – i have deactivated it. I’ll update you after some more signups.

    I appreciate your help and will definitely donate to support the cause.


    thanks for giving this a try for me, I think I’ve got a few lines of code sorted now to removed the duplicates too, I just want to double check and even then I’ll recommend a backup before running it.

    So I’ve had a few signups since disabling W3 and they have worked fine – no duplicates. Not sure if this is enough to confirm your suspicion, but it is positive.


    It’s certainly a good start. Provided you are happy to, please can wee leave things as they are for another week or so and make sure the duplicate issue does not resume.

    That sounds good but it seems like a new issue has appeared.

    Subscribe2 is no longer sending email notification of new posts. I double checked to make sure I hadn’t disabled the sending, and I didn’t.


    I suspect that this may be due to some residual files and caching from W3 Total Cache still. Despite it being a plugin it seems that removing it is not quite as straightforward as simply deactivating and deleting.

    Have a read here if you want to completely remove it or maybe try re-activating it and see if sending resumes.

    Wow, I read that article and it is definitely above my skill and comfort level. I have updated S2 and I will reactivate W3 to see if the email duplicating and send failure continues. I’ll keep you posted.

    Ok – I reactivated W3 and S2 is still not sending email notifications of new posts.


    Try going to Subscribe2->Settings on clicking Reset at the very bottom of the page. Check the number of recipients per email and the sender details too and maybe speak to your hosting provider and get them to check the logs for why the emails are rejected.

    Ok – I reset the settings to default. I don’t think I had ever changed anything from default, but that did cause the email notifications to resume.

    Reactivating W3 did cause the multiple emails problem to resume.

    Do you think the not sending problem and the multiple emails is related?

    If I deactivate W3 again, do you think that will trigger the not sending problem again?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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