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    Hi there, I just found the issue when you are using both Greg’s High Performance SEO and Subscribe2 that on confirmation page where you see the message “You have successfully subscribed!” or “You have successfully unsubscribed.” these message will not show and instead the form will show up.

    I tried changing setting of SEO plugin but so far the only way to fix is to disable the plugin entirely.

    I have no clue how this could be fixed but if you can look into it I would be appreciated.

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  • @razorteeth,

    I suspect this is down to the SEO code aggressively re-writing URLs. I’ll have a look if I get time.


    I’ve had a brief look through the SEO code but it’s beyond me as it’s not my plugin.

    The author of the SEO plugin recommends you contact him directly about your issue or maybe try another SEO plugin.


    Thanks for looking into this Matt. I did find another SEO plugin and it’s working fine as intended.

    However, I have other website where I have both Subscribe2 and Greg’s SEO, so I tried to do the same thing but this time even I uninstalled Greg’s the problem still remained.

    I actually disabled every plugins I had except Subscribe2 but the problem was still there. This is just driving me nuts, you think there is something conflicting with the theme itself?

    I might add, when you subscribe using the form, I get the “A confirmation message is on its way!” message just fine. It’s after when I click the confirmation link I get in email to take me back to the page, no message will show and instead the subscribe form is there.

    I’m just clueless here, any help would be much appreciated.


    Try using a different theme. Also, are you using the Widget or a page on that site to handle subscriptions?

    Ok, I’ll try the different theme.

    As for your second question, both actually. I have a widget on blog page and single page called “Subscription” with [subscribe2] shortcode in it. This is the page I assigned on settings for “Set default Subscribe2 page as ID:”.

    Yeah, it was definitely the theme I was using.

    I actually found out that the message is in fact actually showing up but it somehow got placed in one of these top wrapper section in this particular theme:

    Is there anyway I can control where message suppose to be displayed?


    Hmm, that doesn’t look right, if a confirmation message has been triggered then the form should not be present at all, only the message.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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