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    Hi – I’ve gone through this forum and I can’t find any answers about this one

    My blog at runs on WordPress 3.4.1 – it’s hosted by Dreamhost. WordPress itself sends emails (for instance when a new user registers, I get an email notice on the admin account).

    I created a new account called “editor” with email address, and try to send emails from Subscribe2’s ‘send email’ function, however no email goes. There is no digest email leaving my blog either.

    I have tried creating email on Dreamhost’s servers and on Google Apps, with no joy.

    The plugin is activated, the “Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited):” option is set to “1” , the send mail from is set to “editor”.

    I have two registered subscriber accounts and a total of 10 subscribers – no one is receiving email from Subscribe2.

    I wanted to use the pro-version of Subscribe2, because I want to send nice HTML digests and newsletters, but the website says you need to get the free version working first. Until I get it working at all I’m using the JetPack subscription widget (which gives me no control over anything)…

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  • Oh – I did check the spam folders of everything – the messages and digests aren’t in there either…


    When you are logged in as your ‘editor’ account and you try to use “Send Mail”, what message do you get on screen when you try to send an email?

    If you click Preview instead does and email arrive at the inbox of the editor?

    If you go to Subscribe2->Settings and click send email Preview does an email arrive to the ‘editor’ inbox?

    Logged in as the editor account I get “Preview message sent” and the email does go to the editor email address.

    ok – logged into the editor account the messages send, however other admins can’t send and the ‘digest email’ doesn’t appear to be sending either…


    Let me see if I’m understand where we are at correctly.

    If you log into the ‘editor’ account which is the one using the email address then you can successfully send email previews and also successfully send from the Subscribe2->Send Email page.

    If you log in as other users then neither of these things work.

    Also, the digest emails are not sending.

    If that’s correct then the fact tat the editor account can send is good. The failure of sending emails on other accounts is not a surprise as most likely these accounts are using different email addresses and the previews and “Send Email” page use the email address of the currently logged in user.

    So, the digest email. Try reverting to per-post and testing, if that works change your settings back to a digest interval and wait until the due time – the digest will only send an email for posts made between when the digest setting was made and when the email is due.

    Ok – I wanted to see if this has happened.

    Suddenly the first digest came through with four items in it (about 5 days worth of content), delayed by about 12 hours or so. I just received the second daily digest – also delayed (it’s set to 6pm blog time, but it’s currently 00:30am the following day here). I can live with that for a while 🙂

    I’m now getting email notifications to the admin accounts about new subscribers and everything seems to be working.

    Thanks for your assistance.


    Perhaps it was a glitch somewhere with the scheduled events. I hope things continue to work for you.

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