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    i want user to choose the categories to subscribe for so can I modify this plugin. I will store that category name with the subscription record and when the email are about to send I will check the value of that field to select only that category for that user. Is it possible? Any code example will be very appreciable.

    Thank you.

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  • @helpwporg,

    If your users Register in WordPress they will be able to access a menu in the admin area at Subscribe2->Your Subscriptions that allows them to choose categories.

    If you wanted to do this for Public Subscribers (i.e. for people who have only submitted their email address) then you would need to make fairly massive changes to the code. Possible yes but difficult too.

    You’d need to find a location to store the category level subscriptions and also a way to retrieve these users correctly at the time of sending a notification. You would also need to find a way to allow users to access and change their settings.

    Hello Matty! I have another question for you – I have your Subscriber plugin installed… and have the problem that not all subscribers get the email notifications of the latest posts.

    E.g. I have subscribed myself. I USED To get the up dates and don’t any more.

    A number of readers have told me the same. They used to get them, but don’t know. I tried taking the email out and adding it back in, but that didn’t work. I do know that others do get the emails. So it is a bit random. I have no idea who does and doesn’t get them (unless they tell me)

    Any ideas?


    Those symptoms are very common when your emails from your site and running into server side limitations and restrictions. Contact your hosting provider and find out what limits they impose on WordPress generated emails – home many per hour, whether they allow BCC headers etc etc.

    Hi Matty, thank you for your reply! WIll ask the host!

    I am being told that they have a 500 limit on emails going out per hour (to avoid Spam). Which means that the remaining 800 subscribers are not getting the emails.

    Is their an (easy) way to amend your pluging to send out notifications in 500 batches? I am not very techie…


    Subscribe2 cannot queue emails, but this can:

    So that is compatible with your plugin? I just purchase it and it will do the rest (sorry to be dim.. I really am technically rubbish)


    It is compatible. Once installed go to Tools->Mail Queue and in there you can configure how many emails are sent and how often. So you’ll need maybe 450 per hour so you have some spare emails in the system each hour.

    Thank you!

    Is it possible to purchase without the ongoing fees? Is there no one off payment?


    It is possible, after you make the purchase log in and cancel the continued support and upgrade within 7 days of purchase.

    Great, so then I just have the package? Thank you!

    Ok.. so I have bought the package. It comes a zip file.

    I have opened it and I get the WPMQ Folder

    When I try an install it via plugins, it asks me to select one file from within the folder (e.g. WPMQ.php?) But that doesn’t work?

    I don’t know how else to open the Zip file or access your plugin files? I have never had problems installing plugins before, why don’t i get a simple file i can upload?


    Either select the zip file to upload in WordPress or use FTP software to upload the folder to wp-content/plugins/.

    The instructions are on the purchase site here.

    Great, I think I have it set up. Finally question and I reckon I am “all set”


    “Purge the Mail Queue. Warning: this cannot be undone” – take this means, if I purge, then the latest notifications will be cancelled and not sent out – eg. if I have published a post by accident, I can stop the remainer of messages going out?

    And what does this mean?
    “Force the Mail Queue to run immediately using current settings. Warning: early execution may result is failed delivery if you are over your quota”

    What kind of emails are “[ All emails generated through WordPress]“?

    Many thanks for your help and sale of plugin!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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